Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Most Awkward Commercial of 2007 goes to...

You, George Bush!
Yes, that's right, you!
You're probably in shock, because I bet that, besides the presidency, you've never really won anything before. Well, today's your lucky day, because you've been given a big, metaphorical golden WTF trophy... (But come to think of it, you probably already have several.)
The piece of work that brought forth the creation of this award?
Watch, and contain yourself.

There are several things that are wrong with this commercial:
1. It's about sex and happens to have been created by the Bush administration.
2. There's actually a campaign for abstinence.
3. Ironically, that one chick in the stable is actually leaning quite provocatively.
4. Every person that says "sex" in this commercial turns it into a two-syllable word.
5. It is basically threatening your TV-watching children with "if you even think about having sex before marriage, you will fail at everything." (Last time I heard, sex, in today's culture, brings forth success.)
6. They had the audacity to stop filming before the red-haired chick could finish with "...but then i'll forget about it."

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The WTF: No. 3-- "Booty jeans" is given a whole new meaning

Every knowingly well-endowed chick has that one pair of pants they wear on a special night out that properly showcases their god-given behind. These are called, of course, the "booty jeans".

The following picture, found on the Jeepney blog, gives the aforementioned phrase an entirely new outlook.

Join me, children...



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