Tuesday, September 30, 2008

OMFG The Duke Spirit on Gossip Girl!

*Sigh*, I love, love, love The Duke Spirit. Hands down, they are my favorite still-unified band. I rock my Tatty Devine for The Duke Spirit necklace at school constantly and everyone who reads it just ends up confused. Then they go on and release Neptune this year and I'm totally bowing to their greatness-- but alone.
So you can imagine my surprise when on last night's Gossip Girl, Dan punching some dude in the face produces sexy guitar and hints of a familiar female wail-- I thought aloud, "OMG, did they just play The Duke Spirit?" I was pretty delighted. Then they get featured in the credits for longer than the five seconds that their song, "This Ship is Built to Last", played in the episode-- and it was a great pick. It's one of my favorites off Neptune and it's certainly one of the strongest tracks on the album. Listen below:

The Duke Spirit is not a hype-y band, for which I'm very grateful, but seriously-- these kids have so much damn talent, it's a bit offensive they're so often ignored. There's so much soul and feeling in their music-- enough to drive you through a whole bottle of whiskey. In the three years since their debut, Cuts Across the Land, was released, these five have opened for The Kills and R.E.M., guested on an UNKLE album and have had their tracks mixed by Chris Goss of Queens of the Stone Age. The Duke Spirit has gained a loyal following, and they have the potential to take over the world if they ever decide they want to.

If you haven't bought Neptune STILL, I highly suggest you do! These kids are so worth it, and it might actually be one of my favorite albums I've ever bought-- and it's only eight months old.

Red Eyes & Tears

Guys, get ready to let a big, salty one hit the ground (that was more unfortunately vague than I hoped-- I mean tears, kids)-- Mark Ronson, one of my favorite, most highly-pined for young Humberts, has found himself a new Lolita to replace Daisy Lowe (though they both seem pretty bored, ho ho ho). See below:If it doesn't work out, Mark, well, maybe I can remind you that I'm, um, freshly legal? Come on. Try America at least once.
Picture courtesy of Jezebel.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Beck/MGMT @ Cain's Ballroom (Tulsa, OK)

Hey, ladies! I've got some real Jello-y legs here, but do I care? I had a FABULOUS time tonight, and I'm actually not that much of a concert person... I'll hit you with the details like a coconut cream pie.

We got there pretty much exactly when doors were supposed to open, 7PM. We saw Beck from maybe 100 feet away or so, out behind a dumpster for a cigarette break. He was out in the open until people started pointing, I guess, so he was probably all, hey! Dumpster!

There were signs that said "NO PHOTOS" everywhere. For some reason I was thinking it was for something different because taking pictures at Cain's has been fine for every other concert I've been to there (and it's been a lot). But alas, it was for this one-- my sister ended up having to give security her batteries. But you know as well as I do that rules are there for breaking, so I got out my phone and took as many pictures as possible once both bands were out. (They'll be up once my phone decides to stop being dumb.)
There was also a fence in front of the stage. It was pretty ridiculous. But it didn't matter, because tonight was going to be fun.

I SWEAR the MOMENT I saw Andrew VanWyngarden on stage some reflex inside of me got me to scream "HAVE SEX WITH ME!" like the freaky teenage girl I am. It was unfortunate, but also 100% sincere. My view of the show was defined by whether or not I could see that perfect little face. I had kind of died and gone to heaven. I began to re-plot my not-so-carefully-laid-out plan to make out with him somehow.
The set was really lovely, and yeah, I prefer them live-- they sound much more trippy in person, and I was wishing I had weed. They tossed out two or three setlists afterwards that a chick in front of me caught. FORTUNATELY, I was texting out a setlist the whole time! It's because I love you :-)

MGMT Setlist:
1. Time to Pretend (obviously, they were not fucking around if they chose to play this first)
2. Weekend Wars
3. Of Moons, Birds & Monsters (my favorite!)
4. 4th Dimension
5. Pieces of What
6. Electric Feel (Of course, that one was REALLY fun...)
7. The Handshake
8. Kids (And much like Valentina reported of their McCarren Pool set, everyone went apeshit.)

Beck took at least 30 minutes to come out. Some really high asshat started pushing everyone and shit got real. No one was having much fun anymore, it seemed. We called over a security guard, who at first decided the best course of action was standing on a pedestal and staring him down intimidatingly, but then he got kicked out and everyone was happy.
And eventually, after much further ado, Beck came on and everything got fun again :-)
I put down everything I knew in the setlist (hey, his catalog is ridiculously huge, mmkay?) below:

Beck Setlist:
1. Devil's Haircut
2. Nausea
3. Novacaine
5. Girl(fight-- some drunk chick started causing a scene with my friend just for having her arm on the fence!)
7. Chemtrails (really cool lights during this one)
8. Loser
9. Hell Yes (Ghettochip Malfunction)
10. Black Tambourine
11. Clap Hands
12. Nicotine & Gravy
13. Guero
14. Modern Guilt
16. Orphans
18. Walls
21. The Golden Age
22. Lost Cause
24. Where It's At

1. Gamma Ray
4. Timebomb
5. E-Pro

The venue got totally CLEANED OUT once it was over-- you weren't staying unless you were super-special or something. We had an excuse to kick it there for a little while more because some friends of mine scored VIP passes (they didn't meet the bands, but they met two really cool cats who played with Beck) and I was down for trying to lay my moves on Andrew somehow. But my sister was all pushy to head out, so alas, I could not try. If I only had a car... or license...
So no, my dream of making out with Andrew VanWyngarden was not realized.
But it wasn't realized for any other bitch there, either (knock on wood), so boo-ya! Someday!

P.S. How was True Blood and Dexter? Heard both were extra-gory, can't wait to see ;-)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sarahs That Rock: Silverman

So we all already knew that Sarah Silverman rocks, but since I learned she was involved in an Election 2008 campaign called The Great Schlep, girl needs to be given a hand.
My mom just showed me the video below and dear GOD, it has such a point.

The Great Schlep from The Great Schlep on Vimeo.
Florida really IS full of old people! I TOTALLY forgot! As some person once said, it's pretty much the waiting room for the dead. This may have been a factor in Decision 2000. I'm not saying, I'm just saying.
Also, it kinda looks like a penis. And yes, it fucked Gore. All of these preceding statements are fact.

I couldn't talk enough about Obama, really-- and since I know a lot of kids who will be fresh into the booths, I'm really serious about encouraging everyone to go out there and give this man four years of our attention. Sarah's right-- he's a sincerely human politician, and he kinda is "the last hope of ending this country's reputation of the assholes of the universe". I know this because I went to France this summer, and Obama was everywhere. In a good way.

PLEASE, guys, if you haven't already, go Declare Yourself! Do it for all the kids you know that may JUST be missing the age deadline and want to make a difference too. We're so lucky to have a say in this, so let's act like it!
An e-mail I got from Karmaloop awhile ago stressed that the majority of the youth love Obama, and if we get as many of them out to the polls as possible, we could really have a chance. Barack is the Future, kids!

"I'm Lolita Hazed, and I approve this message."
Y Lolita Hazed

P.S. I want to talk exactly like this woman. "Douchenozzle"? Genius. Classy.

Blast the Past: Dream "This is Me"

OMFG you KNOW this song is sew good. Seriously, I was a huge freak about the whole '90s girl group craze. Shamefully, I pretty much bought the album of any crap group of chicks, so trust me-- I know right from wrong in that category. Dream was kickass. It was like a little group of white girls who got made fun of because they liked to dabble in hip-hop culture. It was pretty much the group for little ones who would grow up to jump for the Missbehave cult.

Years later, I still love it. I refuse to lie to you. Something about this song is still, like, ten years later, so damn catchy or something.
This was back when they were awesome, you know, before Diddy decided to slut them up. They haven't had a single since, which is fine proof that sex doesn't necessarily always sell. After all, it was never their beauty that made them so charming-- it was their tough innocence that was so unique.

Which is why I love this song. 43v3R.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sarahs That Rock: McSweeney

Sometimes, it really sucks having the most common name in the whole goddamn universe (Sarah, not Mohammed-- I know, I'm wrong, bear with me). I've been in a room with at least three other Sarahs at the same time, and trust me, it gets boring having to differentiate between faces and names. And my name doesn't seem to be getting a good reputation as of these months, what with Palin prancing about with her underdeveloped campaign for eternal suckage. It has become a bit of a drag-- until Married to the Mob's brilliant A/W 2008 collection came out and introduced me to the paragon of awesomeness that is Sarah McSweeney. Behold, my new life coach:

Her glory is a little astounding (and of course, the campaign works. For some reason, I want those leggings now). As lil' sis of MOB's Head Bitch Leah McSweeney, she is also the company's model, muse and pretty much the mascot. You may recognize her from the Octopus shirt, in which this badass basically has a little octopus as a pastie (if you can't tell, she's kinda got a thing for 'em). This girl is only one year older than me and she's probably the queen. And come on, she gets whatever MOB shit she wants for free. Obviously, jealousy is a factor here. I want to be just like her, which is cool considering we already have some good stuff in common: we don't like to wear shirts ever, we don't smoke but lovez us some underage drinking, dress slightly slutty and are pretty unafraid of being vulgar. I'm thinking this lady and I could get along famously!

Plus, you know how much I love Sue Lyon wannabes... and this nymphet certainly qualifies. Way to restore glory to our name, darling!

Newbies can get schooled on Married to the MOB and Sarah McSweeney by clicking on their respective names.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Dita von Teese can teach you-- but she'll have to charge.

If there was any woman who's got some serious milkshake, it's burlesque icon Dita von Teese. The girl is FULLY committed to glamour and wants Earth to stop trying to deny it. After all, it's her thing. So why not share your goods with the world?

This fall, Von Teese is releasing a collection of seriously hot lingerie for Wonderbra like only she could do. After all, this woman knows classy underwear like nobody's business, so it's fantastic that she's now dropping her knowledge on us mere mortals.
Not exaggerating either-- the girl's kind of a goddess. If there was a church of Ditaism, I would, in a heartbeat, become a priestess of it. Von Teese is nothing if not a feminist icon. She prides herself on always looking her best and encourages women not to save their hottest looks for sex.
"I don’t believe that beautiful and sexy lingerie should be something a woman just puts on for her lover; I have always enjoyed lingerie as a way to add beauty and glamour to my everyday life, and having that little beauty secret with you on any given day is a wonderful way to seduce yourself… which is ultimately what a glamour girl’s best strategy in seducing others!"
And if anyone should know the confidence lingerie gives you, it's someone who wears it every day. And I follow her philosophy wholeheartedly.
I want to be just like this woman. What I would give to walk a mile in those Louboutins...

(Starting tomorrow, you can buy Dita's collection at asos.com! See her whole collection and more here.)

It's my birthday!!

Well, okay-- it was yesterday. But still! I'm 18 now!

It was a little hard to feel good about it. 18 feels huge, not only because I registered to vote on Friday (and accidentally stole an Obama sticker I was told to keep), but because of all the shit I've got coming up. But yeah, I would have it regardless of whether or not I was turning 18.
Anyway, I ended up getting kind of upset yesterday, which I feel bad about, but I couldn't help it. I'm going to New York with my dad soon-- but basically for my college interview. It stressed me out; it didn't feel fair for some reason. It also felt a little too symbolic for my tastes-- now that I'm 18, I'm not a minor anymore and will have to deal with the fact that even special occasions may not feel catch-free 100% of the time. I went to bed early last night.

I'd still been feeling a little under the weather when a Jezebel post by one Tracie Egan turned my frown upside-down...
Aww, thanks, Ting Tings! I'm honored.
And you know what? I'm feeling fantastic now :-)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

POST #100!: Insa. Heels. NOW.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's that time in every long-withstanding blogger's life where a goal is reached... yes, dears, I have had the patience to report to you no less than 100 times. Hooray, milestones!

*Sigh*, if I wasn't a good-natured girl, I'd be downstairs popping the tiny bottle of Perrier-Jouet my mom hasn't opened yet. But alas... I'm a good kid. Damn.

So, this week on a very special episode of Lolita Hazed...

If you've been following Missbehave around since its debut in fall 2006, you'd probably been seriously dying a little when you saw the shoot for English graffiti artist Insa in Issue #1. I know I was when I saw THOSE SHOES-- and I'm reminded of their existence every time I open my phone. The fact they weren't being sold (or on my feet) was just a little painful, and I began to try in spite of myself to find a pair as good as those.
Alas, children. NO MORE. Indeed, the time for the Insa heel is maintenant! Each gorgeous heel is laser-etched with his trademark design, named after the boroughs of London. Below and above you can see my favorite, Hackney:
And now, they can be yours! Except, y'know, it'll set you back £200, +14 for shipping and handling to our green shores-- $428. Well, at least it's not as expensive as a Louboutin. And on the bright side, they do make your legs look just as hot and bear a pattern too daring for the Stiletto King himself...
Would you sell your sole for a pair (I had to, I'm sorry)? Get them here. [Courtesy of the fantastic Highsnobette]

...And thanks again for sticking around, guys! After all, you're the reason I got this far.
Y Lolita Hazed, forever and always

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hellz Bellz ♥s Omahyra Mota!

Is there any supermodel out there more confusingly hot than Dominican beauty Omahyra Mota? I'm thinking people who see her on the street are wondering if they should hide or profess undying love, because the girl stops traffic. She could probably kill you. She's who David Bowie wrote "Rebel, Rebel" about, I swear, and she hadn't even been born then. So it's only fitting that one of the most beautifully badass lines out there, Hellz Bellz, has been paying a small tribute to her in their A/W 2008 collection...

Two hot shirts with this lady's likeness? Well done, Hellz-- you continue to astonish me. It's completely flawless presentation and an original route relevant to the brand. Who better to serve as a Hellz Bellz muse than the most dangerous model in the industry?
So if you were scoping these shirts and wondering, "Damn, who is that hot chick that I can't even touch?", you can tell all your friends it was Omahyra. They'll need that information someday, because this girl is taking names. Watch out!

Both shirts are available at Boundless New York.

P.S. I'm naming my daughter Omahyra. I just decided.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fall Playlist!

I've labored over it. Kind of. But's it's all for you! I just love you kids too much to not toil for you. (The picture below is a Photoshop edit of a digital picture I took in freshman year of my friend and sister. I was so proud of catching those leaves at EXACTLY the right moment!)
1. U2 "Even Better Than the Real Thing"
One of the funnest things to look forward to around my little town is the State Fair (I know, it sounds like such a bumpkin's activity, right?). One year, I played this before riding a lot of hellaciously freaky rides for the first time, and this song takes me back to that sunny adrenaline.
2. Ride "Vapour Trail"
Homagyah I luv shoegaze, and this is just an all around fantastic song. In a car with the windows down on a cool fall day is where this song really shines. Also, it makes me want to go to the pumpkin patch.
3. Bow Wow Wow "Fools Rush In (Kevin Shields Remix)"
*Sigh*, I adore Kevin Shields, the man knows ambience. And who would have known it could come from a Bow Wow Wow song?
4. Sons and Daughters "Taste the Last Girl"

Plain and simple, this song is really badass. It's another tune that gets me in the mood for the State Fair, but then again, that's not shocking if you consider the video...
5. MGMT "Of Moons, Birds & Monsters"
This is a very, very recent addition. I haven't yet had anything with which to associate it, but something about this song just suits the change in temperature. Another pumpkin patch anthem!
6. The Radio Dept. "I Don't Like It Like This"
The Radio Dept. is absolutely fantastic, and this has become a true fall staple for me-- I've found nothing suits it better than the winds of an equinox...
7. The Velvet Underground "Oh! Sweet Nuthin'"

Oh dear God. In eighth grade, I had a crush on this guy who was total bad news. He was so wrong for me that I couldn't resist! Anyway, he had this really wild party that fall, and of course I was looking forward to it. But OF COURSE, I had to babysit for this chick I don't even like instead. Afterwards, it was all people talked about: everyone hooked up. There were fistfights. I was livid. This song was the melodramatic, lovesick background to it all.
8. Air "Clouds Up"

This beautifully epic track from The Virgin Suicides has a way of stopping me in my tracks, much like this entire CD (a great pick for fall). As it plays, an image of the Lisbon sisters going to school is projected in the back of my head.
9. Radiohead "Weird Fishes / Arpeggi"
A really obvious pick for a fall song, eh? Oh, deary. I remember back in the day when all the kids were freaking out about this CD, which was wonderful, but this was certainly a standout-- and with the amount of times I heard it in the fall, what else could I associate it with?
10. The Radio Dept. "Keen on Boys"
When I was a freshman, I was really crushing on this junior who I talked to every day. He had a girlfriend, but I was 100% sure he liked me. Come on, the boy told me he'd play Cat Stevens for me on guitar (he never did). Sophomore year was filled with awkward hallway tension, and this song takes me back to clutching my books to my chest, a flush coming to my cheeks as we passed each other.
11. Nouvelle Vague "Marian"

Nouvelle Vague is my dream wedding band. Think about it! Covers? Bossa nova? Both are staples for receptions, but had never been put together until this class-act did so. This Sisters of Mercy cover keeps the pretty eerieness of the original, but without the creepy German verse.
12. Badly Drawn Boy "I Love NYE"
I swear, Damon Gough (Badly Drawn Boy) has something special, and it was really clear in the pretty damn flawless score for About a Boy. While this will obviously work for winter, it will still keep you warm in the fall...

A lot of these come from perhaps my favorite fall album, the Marie Antoinette soundtrack. If you can't tell, I highly dig Sofia Coppola's taste in music.
What are some of your choice fall albums?

(Happy downloading, dears. I've got an even better one planned for winter, so just you wait!)
Y Sarah

Monday, September 15, 2008

Girls on TV: Sookie Stackhouse (True Blood)

I don't care about being a bartender, a tennis player, whatever the hell else people want to do with their lives. Because this month, I decided that I really just want to be Sookie Stackhouse (the awesome Anna Paquin) from True Blood when I grow up. I mean, really. What's not to love about this girl? She has telekinesis, adorable clothes that I want all of, ampules of Southern charm and um, a hot vampire (see above on left) who's totally infatuated with her to the point of killing bitches? (Oh, and how about the craziness of Sookie sucking Bill's blood last night? That was weirdly hot, and you know you agree. I know I'm not the only one obsessing over their mounting sexual tension. Hehe, "mounting".)

But seriously. This chick is a real lady-- and even better, she's the kind of lady who would comment on your lack of manners the first time you called her out and kick you in the face the next. She's a total badass. I want to be like her. I also want her hair.
So Sookie, I surrender to your glory. May you continue to have as much attitude, sugary-sweet femme fatality, and hot vampires looking out for you as possible until your death. I salute you!

P.S. How. Awesome. Is True Blood. Really. And it's just going to keep on getting more awesome, so if you haven't been watching it, don't get left behind! Watch the first episode at the official website now!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Blast the Past: Mark Morrison "Return of the Mack"

Oh my GOD this song is so damn good. It's just SO much fun, really, and it's sad this guy ended up being a one-hit wonder-- he showed a lot of potential. His voice was also very weird, and it's a lot of fun to try and sing like him. I used to think that instead of saying "You lied to me!", he was saying "You're like a man!". I think I prefer my version.
This song brings me back to being a kid. My mom always really loved this song too, so it reminds me of her. For some reason, it also reminds me of Men in Black.

God. I was only 6 when this song came out.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

If ever was a girl that could rock your world...

"...then that girl sure is me!"

Back in 2005 when Swedish pop starlet Annie came out on the scene, I just couldn't get into it. "Chewing Gum" didn't do it for me at the time (now it does), but upon first listen to "Heartbeat", I was hypnotized. I not only acquired a taste for this little lady-- I could no longer resist! The reason for the hype becomes clear when listening to her raucous debut Anniemal, which really doesn't fail to bring on the fun. Fortunately, this is what Annie is all about!
This year, when a song called "Loco" leaked off her forthcoming release Don't Stop, I gave it a listen and fell in love immediately. With its exciting techno percussion and fantastically exotic guitar breaks, it feels like the background music for a lavish spy flick. It certainly has a jetset attitude, so it served as a kickass backdrop for Japanese train rides.
Her single "I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me" is also nothing short of pop perfection. Dabbled with her trademark irony, she brings us more bombastic beats characteristic of everything we love about her without sounding like she's done it before. Plus, you can assume Lolita Hazed is a sucker for a good Sue Lyon impression (and you'd be right)...
So obviously, this year is going to be super maverick for this lady-- and for good reasons. The girl is irresistible-- but also because she knows it! Her sexy, girlish confidence is what makes her dominate her scene so damn well. Like my girl Tracie Egan said Tyra would say, she's someone other women want to be and men want to be with.

Don't Stop is about a month away, so get excited!
Download: "Loco"

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Update: The Slow Death of Sarah's Soul

Hey, kids! Guess what time of year it is up here in public-school land! That's right, it's Suicide Prevention Week!

And you know, it's ironic that I go to a Top 100 school, yet they were dumb enough to give seniors their class rank during this very week. I'm trying hard to imagine how the kid who got 289/289 feels when he sees all those "Choose Life!" posters (that are followed by ones reading "Choose Family!", then "Career" and "a Fucking Big Television"... I'll let Valentina finish that off). I don't think he or she will feel so accustomed to do so.

The juxtaposition of these two events makes me angry. I'm convinced they've done this on purpose. Something about it feels so menacing, so taunting. It almost feels as if the posters exist to give all the insecure students the following feeling: "What's worse than how you feel right now? Well, you could be dead." Great.

But what's the use? At this rate, they can't prevent it. All this stress and contortion inside my body may kill me before I get the chance to graduate. My body killing me? I call that suicide. And at a school like mine, everyone else is killing themselves too. Good going, Suicide Prevention campaign. It's not our fault that school is breaking us down.

If you can't guess, senior year is making me goth or something. I should just go buy some black paint for my walls and blast some Bauhaus. It'd be better than listening to as much pop as I do. After all, it took me a while to figure out that neither Kokomo nor La Isla Bonita are real (...yet. My faith in humanity remains).
I guess I'm just trying to say that I find so much error in class rank. It is yet another excuse for growing individuals to be evaluated through comparing them to their peers.
In other words, high school sucks.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Tatty Devine surprises us AGAIN!

Some people in this world are so creative I swear it's like they take a daily trip to Imaginationland. The ladies of amazing British jewelry collective Tatty Devine are two of those people that leave me suspicious. Seriously, if you've been following them as closely I have, you'd be astounded by the great ideas they keep having season after season after season. So, of course, with the pressure on for their Autumn/Winter 2008 collection, how are they going to follow up a great collection like Spring/Summer's "Movie Mayhem", rife with 3D glasses, sexy legs and plastic candy?

Like this:

Yup. Leave it to good ol' Tatty Devine to make going back to school something to look forward to with unreasonably large pencils, paper clips, ink splats and more for another fun collection. To think grown women would be so hypnotized by such childlike jewelry! My favorites below:

A pencil shaving necklace. Seriously. Who the hell would've thought of that? Only Tatty Devine could draw this inspiration from "stuff you might normally throw away". (£42)

More "Devine" innovation? I believe so! It's a clasped bracelet. With fake clasps. That's badass to me (£87). These girls had some other insane ideas for the clasps average humans like us ignore every day, put onto brooches, pendants and adorable stud earrings. I'll take the mirrored silver clasp studs, plznthnx (£33)!

Um, and check out the fountain pen-tip shit. Pieces like this sublime Swarovski crystal choker are like a fashionista writer's wet dream come true. It's dramatic and quirky, yet retains ladylike sophistication and I'm sure it looks totally stunning on. It's also, unfortunately, the collection's most expensive piece at a whopping £120. That's around $240, my friends. Most writers can't afford that splendor. (The bracelet and earrings are cheaper and still totally gorg.)

It's a really interesting collection. I decided I wouldn't spoil all the fun for you and post ALL my favorites, so go see for yourself!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Competition's heating up!

As I've told you kids, a guy I know's sister, Fiawna Forté, is in a competition to play at Austin City Limits. She's in the Top 20 round and if she gets in the Top 5, she'll get to compete for the final spot at ACL 2008!
This is big. Unfortunately, she's only at spot #16 right now! No good! Must improve! So close!

You know it'd be awesome-- so click here and help Fiawna Forté and Mama's Fairway Revue play ACL!

Lolita Hazed

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"There's lots of other stuff that makes things bearable."

These past few weeks have been rather emotionally straining on me. There have been tears, self-imposed seclusion, and two to three occasions in which I've said I might be depressed. This is the life of a high school senior. Maybe I am, though. I've been feeling super-empty. I went to a party on Saturday night (didn't get laid and I got in a fight) and friends commented on how I was "being a loner", saying nothing to no one, face blank as a canvas.
So I spent my Labor Day catching up on Skins (thanks to the lovely Valentina), finding something else to focus on. Of course, several things ring true with me on that show, especially with Cassie, but this might've been the greatest thing they've ever said or done on that show.

Before the scene below, Cassie has been telling her teacher her woes to get this response:

I was totally stunned.
I just thought, "Holy crap, how could I have forgotten that?!" I swear, disco might just be the happiest genre of all time. Those dissenting hippies were just denying the imminent joy to be found in its careless nature. Think about it-- they were songs that involved not much more than doing a little dance, making a little love and of course, getting down tonight. And rollerskating.
My day was instantly brightened (no matter how sad the episode above turned out to be). I continued my evening with "Funkytown" stuck in my head. I was happy as a clam, doing dishes while my mother raged at me for not cleaning before my Gossip Girl party. No sarcasm at all. I turned to two of my friends at the kitchen table and said, "I have disco stuck in my head. Not much can bug me."
I was, of course, supposed to end up with a lesson after all of this. Through my mother's lecture, the beep-beep-boop's of "Funkytown" looped, and it all felt okay.

And so I got through another day, all with a little help from Lipps, Inc.


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