Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"There's lots of other stuff that makes things bearable."

These past few weeks have been rather emotionally straining on me. There have been tears, self-imposed seclusion, and two to three occasions in which I've said I might be depressed. This is the life of a high school senior. Maybe I am, though. I've been feeling super-empty. I went to a party on Saturday night (didn't get laid and I got in a fight) and friends commented on how I was "being a loner", saying nothing to no one, face blank as a canvas.
So I spent my Labor Day catching up on Skins (thanks to the lovely Valentina), finding something else to focus on. Of course, several things ring true with me on that show, especially with Cassie, but this might've been the greatest thing they've ever said or done on that show.

Before the scene below, Cassie has been telling her teacher her woes to get this response:

I was totally stunned.
I just thought, "Holy crap, how could I have forgotten that?!" I swear, disco might just be the happiest genre of all time. Those dissenting hippies were just denying the imminent joy to be found in its careless nature. Think about it-- they were songs that involved not much more than doing a little dance, making a little love and of course, getting down tonight. And rollerskating.
My day was instantly brightened (no matter how sad the episode above turned out to be). I continued my evening with "Funkytown" stuck in my head. I was happy as a clam, doing dishes while my mother raged at me for not cleaning before my Gossip Girl party. No sarcasm at all. I turned to two of my friends at the kitchen table and said, "I have disco stuck in my head. Not much can bug me."
I was, of course, supposed to end up with a lesson after all of this. Through my mother's lecture, the beep-beep-boop's of "Funkytown" looped, and it all felt okay.

And so I got through another day, all with a little help from Lipps, Inc.


Valentina said...

Has this just been a generally depressing week for all of us on these internets? I watched Skins yesterday when I felt like crying, it's the best show for cheering me up. This clip is brilliant, disco DOES make life bearable.

lolitahazed said...

You and me and E could all use some disco, it's totally true.

Thanks to my mother, I might have every copy of Pure Disco. YES!


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