Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sarahs That Rock: McSweeney

Sometimes, it really sucks having the most common name in the whole goddamn universe (Sarah, not Mohammed-- I know, I'm wrong, bear with me). I've been in a room with at least three other Sarahs at the same time, and trust me, it gets boring having to differentiate between faces and names. And my name doesn't seem to be getting a good reputation as of these months, what with Palin prancing about with her underdeveloped campaign for eternal suckage. It has become a bit of a drag-- until Married to the Mob's brilliant A/W 2008 collection came out and introduced me to the paragon of awesomeness that is Sarah McSweeney. Behold, my new life coach:

Her glory is a little astounding (and of course, the campaign works. For some reason, I want those leggings now). As lil' sis of MOB's Head Bitch Leah McSweeney, she is also the company's model, muse and pretty much the mascot. You may recognize her from the Octopus shirt, in which this badass basically has a little octopus as a pastie (if you can't tell, she's kinda got a thing for 'em). This girl is only one year older than me and she's probably the queen. And come on, she gets whatever MOB shit she wants for free. Obviously, jealousy is a factor here. I want to be just like her, which is cool considering we already have some good stuff in common: we don't like to wear shirts ever, we don't smoke but lovez us some underage drinking, dress slightly slutty and are pretty unafraid of being vulgar. I'm thinking this lady and I could get along famously!

Plus, you know how much I love Sue Lyon wannabes... and this nymphet certainly qualifies. Way to restore glory to our name, darling!

Newbies can get schooled on Married to the MOB and Sarah McSweeney by clicking on their respective names.


Erika said...

Awww...I have a pretty ridiculously common name too. My mom actually named me after Erika Kane from All My Children (the Susan Lucci character). In middle school, my Tech Ed class had three Erikas in it and we had to do Erika 1, Erika 2...etc. It also basically sucks because every Erika that isn't me is pretty much a bitch. Scientifically proven. Oh yeah, and MOB is hot shit. And so are the McSweeneys, obvi.

Valentina said...

I want the McSweeney family to adopt me. I'm gonna make it happen, you just wait.


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