Monday, September 22, 2008

Dita von Teese can teach you-- but she'll have to charge.

If there was any woman who's got some serious milkshake, it's burlesque icon Dita von Teese. The girl is FULLY committed to glamour and wants Earth to stop trying to deny it. After all, it's her thing. So why not share your goods with the world?

This fall, Von Teese is releasing a collection of seriously hot lingerie for Wonderbra like only she could do. After all, this woman knows classy underwear like nobody's business, so it's fantastic that she's now dropping her knowledge on us mere mortals.
Not exaggerating either-- the girl's kind of a goddess. If there was a church of Ditaism, I would, in a heartbeat, become a priestess of it. Von Teese is nothing if not a feminist icon. She prides herself on always looking her best and encourages women not to save their hottest looks for sex.
"I don’t believe that beautiful and sexy lingerie should be something a woman just puts on for her lover; I have always enjoyed lingerie as a way to add beauty and glamour to my everyday life, and having that little beauty secret with you on any given day is a wonderful way to seduce yourself… which is ultimately what a glamour girl’s best strategy in seducing others!"
And if anyone should know the confidence lingerie gives you, it's someone who wears it every day. And I follow her philosophy wholeheartedly.
I want to be just like this woman. What I would give to walk a mile in those Louboutins...

(Starting tomorrow, you can buy Dita's collection at! See her whole collection and more here.)



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