Saturday, September 13, 2008

If ever was a girl that could rock your world...

"...then that girl sure is me!"

Back in 2005 when Swedish pop starlet Annie came out on the scene, I just couldn't get into it. "Chewing Gum" didn't do it for me at the time (now it does), but upon first listen to "Heartbeat", I was hypnotized. I not only acquired a taste for this little lady-- I could no longer resist! The reason for the hype becomes clear when listening to her raucous debut Anniemal, which really doesn't fail to bring on the fun. Fortunately, this is what Annie is all about!
This year, when a song called "Loco" leaked off her forthcoming release Don't Stop, I gave it a listen and fell in love immediately. With its exciting techno percussion and fantastically exotic guitar breaks, it feels like the background music for a lavish spy flick. It certainly has a jetset attitude, so it served as a kickass backdrop for Japanese train rides.
Her single "I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me" is also nothing short of pop perfection. Dabbled with her trademark irony, she brings us more bombastic beats characteristic of everything we love about her without sounding like she's done it before. Plus, you can assume Lolita Hazed is a sucker for a good Sue Lyon impression (and you'd be right)...
So obviously, this year is going to be super maverick for this lady-- and for good reasons. The girl is irresistible-- but also because she knows it! Her sexy, girlish confidence is what makes her dominate her scene so damn well. Like my girl Tracie Egan said Tyra would say, she's someone other women want to be and men want to be with.

Don't Stop is about a month away, so get excited!
Download: "Loco"


Erika said...

I love Annie! I pretty much had "Heartbeat" in my car perpetually for six months straight. I love how her British accent comes through at the perfect times when she sings. I heard "Loco" and thought to myself, "She did it again!" That girl's really unstoppable!


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