Sunday, March 22, 2009

Reflection: White Trash Charms "1984" Collection

Back in the halcyon age of ELLEgirl, I remember when the severely popular jewelry brand White Trash Charms first came onto the scene. Something about them in all their hype was so instantly appealing, able to evoke a maturer version of walking into F.A.O. Schwartz. White Trash Charms has consistently prided itself on quality, and it is as sophisticated as it is childlike. This is represented best in one of their very first collections that would become one of their most famous and popular ones: the 1984 collection.
The 1984 collection of White Trash Charms was not only attractive and adorable, but totally genius. They had a bounty of candy-colored enamel charms inspired by tried-and-true cultural mainstays like The Karate Kid, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Andy Warhol, Xanadu, the mod sixties and much more. They could attract four-year-old girls unaware of the references as well as super fancy celebrities who flocked to the pieces, like Lindsay Lohan, who, pre-"fire crotch", was photographed on the cover of Seventeen wearing the necklace inspired by Little Darlings.
I surrendered to its power back in 2006, the year my ridiculous obsession with M.I.A. begun, after having seen her wearing the 15 Minutes necklace (above). I suddenly had to have it, and when I wore it, the compliments came at a surprisingly huge rate. I rocked that shit on the daily-- plus it looked REALLY cool if I wore it with my Velvet Underground shirt. The love and instant cheer it gave me was what made so sad to recently find that the collection is pretty much dead. If you look, it's now no longer on their site and almost nonexistent elsewhere. It's a crying shame considering how fresh, fun and instantly nostalgic these pieces are. This was stuff to get excited about wearing!

So ladies, pour one out for this seriously inspiring business right here. (And Brooke Dulien, if you're reading this, you know what must be done.)

Friday, March 20, 2009

New Agent Provocateur bridal collection!

Fresh off of the romantic spring collection Pan and the Vestry of Virgins, Agent Provocateur has just released a brand new bridal collection entitled The Brides of Ulysses. It's certainly a fantastically demure collection and the promotion photos are wonderful. My favorite range is definitely the gorgeously retro Lois (pictured).
I do wonder: is this the fourth, "surprise" collection that Joe Corre described in the fall issue of Knickers Forever? As I have no plans of getting married soon, I hope not, but as a poolside collection dropped last year after the exciting "Let Them Eat Kate" bridal campaign, I doubt this is the last of AP before summer.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Lily Allen's next single is...

..."Not Fair". Above is a still from the upcoming video, where she'll most likely be channeling one of her heroines, Dolly Parton. I'm not sure I dig the choice to make this the next single because, first of all, I thought the highly superior and message-latent "Everyone's At It" would be next, and second of all this is my least favorite track on the new album next to "Fuck You" (yeah, I said it). But I'm sure the video will be absolutely delightful, and does our Lily not look wonderful?

Yeah. She does.

Lily Allen starts the American leg of her new tour on April 1 in San Diego and if you're in town, you'd better be there or be square.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lolita Hazed ain't dead.

Hey ladies! I know I've been gone for quite awhile. I've been AWOL from almost everything since mid-February, and I'll be slowly but surely getting back into the swing of things soon. But, anywho...

Remember back in November when I told you about the McQ by Alexander McQueen collection for Target inspired by Liela Moss of my FAVORITE band The Duke Spirit, whose shit is the most underrated stuff since... olive oil? The woman I have been waiting for the rest of the world to fall in love with is totally getting into the spotlight THIS MONTH and I could not be any more pumped.
IT IS FINALLY COMING OUT THIS WEDNESDAY. I am so pumped that you don't even know and I honestly don't care how much the Liela Moss Neptune cover shirt (above) costs because I AM BUYING IT IN FIVE SECONDS FLAT. I know there's a necklace built into it, but I'm probably going to have to wear my Tatty Devine Duke Spirit necklace with it anyway to show supreme fandom because I win and you don't (just kidding, but maybe not). Grlfrnd you do NOT know how FUCKING EXCITED I AM. And OMFG THEY ARE TOTALLY RELEASING AN EXCLUSIVE COMPILATION FOR TARGET (basically a "greatest hits", what have you, plus their exclusive cover of Alex Chilton's "Baby Doll") THAT I AM BUYING.
It's going to be almost like a tiny little Christmas, but instead with an amount of red comparable to communist China (the reason why I could never work at Borders or Target).

Yeah, okay, this entry was def pretty rushed and I should go to bed,
Y Lolita Hazed

(In other news, I'm currently perfecting my spring playlist, which, spoiler alert, actually has a Duke Spirit track on there and will be up before you know it!)


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