Monday, December 29, 2008

Best Movies I Saw in 2008

Just so you know, I NEVER go to the theatres. Ever. I only went about fourteen times or so, a paltry amount. However, here's what's made my list for what I enjoyed most.

1. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
OMG THIS MOVIE IS SO CUTE. I am seriously in love with Jason Segel now, who you will discover upon viewing has absolutely no body hang-ups at all, which is seriously sexy. I left the theater with the dorkiest, most unwipable smile on my face. GO SEE IT NOW. Preferably with friends. You will have a ball, I promise! I would watch it now if I could. Sarah Marshall FTW!!
2. Milk
You've probably heard it everywhere, but really-- this movie is incredible. It's touching without being saccharine, convincing without possession of a bias, and so endlessly human. Sean Penn is so damn snuggly that I found myself wanting to run into the screen and give him a little cuddle. God, did this movie resonate with me-- I only wish I'd cried more. An enthralling story of acceptance and the lengths a human will go to in order to achieve it. Please see it!
3. Slumdog Millionaire
It took awhile, but perhaps my favorite director, Danny Boyle, is finally back in his FIRST Oscar-hyped movie, while his fans are wondering why it hadn't been happening years before. Starring Skins alum Dev Patel in his first onscreen role, this emotionally rich portrayal of childhood, crime, romance and just getting by will certainly steal your breath. As was the case in last year's favorite The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, it doesn't get much prettier than those credits. While it's not Boyle's best, it's very much worth seeing and further proves his chameleonic abilities.
4. The Dark Knight
It's on everyone's list, isn't it? However, it was very, very good. I was disappointed the first time I saw it as, being a Gotham FREAK, I was expecting more. The second time is better! But you know what would have made this movie #1? Harley Quinn. But no. Better luck next time, suckaz (I'm only kidding-- kind of. Step up your game for femme fatales, plz, Poison Ivy's still pissed at Uma Thurman)!
5. Iron Man
After my BFF had me watch this, I could NOT shut up about it. Oh my God, if you haven't seen this yet, you HAVE to! Robert Downey, Jr. is not only awesome, but adorable, making his own robot friends and cute little quips and it's just so damn good in every way. GO SEE!
6. Let the Right One In
This movie, which Erika recommended me, is untouchably cool and very startlingly pretty (that chick on fire on the bed?! OMG). Apparently the dumbass who made Cloverfield wants to remake it, probably never will. Tulsa just now got this movie, so suck it, Tulsa, I saw it without your help!
7. Australia
I don't care what you say, reviewers. This movie is beautiful, and while it was kinda crazy in the third act, I was still so tempted to cry. I didn't, but I wanted to. I miss your crazier side but I love you so, Baz. This was a class act.
8. Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2
DUH. This movie is way too much fun for me. How much do I love chickflicks? Let me count the ways. You may not rave, but if you rent it with your girls like I did, you'll have a LOT of fun.
9. Pineapple Express
So, yeah, I enjoyed it, but what a massive disappointment. Fun, and I do love bromances (Seth Rogen and James Franco are a great one-- adorbz chemistry), but could've been WAY better. Even if I DID want to hug James Franco, y'know, among other things...
10. 21
So it's not the best movie ever. Believe me. But it's SO FUN and I really enjoyed watching it. It kept me interested on that long, long flight to Japan. So thanks, 21 (even though in-flight Tetris was more than enough to keep me satisfied)! And as I know Vegas quite well, the places they went were pretty instantly recognizable, making for more fun on my part. Big plus!

Movies I Wanted to See... But Never Did (And Still Want To)
The Go-Getter
Hamlet 2 (fourfour's obsession with it exacerbates the desire)
Repo! The Genetic Opera (ALMOST did in New York! Curses!)
Towelhead (don't care if it flopped)
Tropic Thunder
Vicky Cristina Barcelona
The Wackness
WALL-E (and my family laughs at me)

Still Haven't Seen...
Revolutionary Road

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Complain all you want about boutique cupcakeries, but this is BEAUTIFUL.

The picture in E's latest post reminded me: you know how fancy cupcakes are totally a trend now? Dude, there's a cupcakerie in my town called Kupcakz! It might be the most adorably LOL-cat-esque-named cupcakerie of all existing cupcakeries (yeah, Tulsa's cute), and after hearing about it in the newspaper several months ago, I've been seriously begging to give this place a try. And this week, I totally did!

So! Presenting my first-ever cupcake reviews (I am REALLY hoping this is something I'll get to do more than once)!

Not a Carrot in the World (pictured, go ahead and guess which one)
Carrot cupcake, duh. It's pretty meh. Too punny for my tastes.
A Cupcake Named Mackenzie
If you're a chocolate fan, this is probably your naked chocolate Jesus as a cupcake, and not the naked chocolate Jesus that actually existed. (BTW, "Naked chocolate Jesus" is really fun to say fast. So catchy. OMG band name!!) It's got chocolate filling, and its cultural reference is completely lost on me (I'm a 90's baby, give me a break).
Sooner than Later
A red velvet cupcake the boutique made to emphasize their support of the OU Sooners. Those silly little Oklahomans and their statewide college football feud. Eh, it's not Magnolia red velvet, but pretty damn sassy nonetheless.
Tropical Bliss (pictured)
SO. PRETTY. You look at it and you freak because you think you're gonna eat a cupcake covered in Fruity Pebbles-- in which case you'd probably be in Heaven, but they're actually coconut flakes and they're almost as good. Real tasty! Want eat again!
Boston Dreamer
My sister and mom ate it all. Those bitches.
I Dream of Ginger
This is the special monthly one! OMG, so good. It's ginger cake with (totally dead-on) egg nog cream cheese frosting. Hands down the best all-around cupcake I ate from there, but then again I'm kind of a freak when it comes to egg nog. Annnnnd I think I'll go drink some more.

So it's not Magnolia.
So. The fuck. What.

Check out all the, um, Kupcakz I didn't try right here.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Sample the first half of "It's Not Me, It's You"!

Okay, so this has apparently been around for five days but I JUST now found it. Lily Allen has decided to give us a little taste of the upcoming awesomeness It's Not Me, It's You! You'll get to hear:

1. Everyone's At It (my absolute favorite, unstoppable)
2. The Fear
3. Not Fair (ooh, country)
4. 22
5. Never Gonna Happen (OMG, HOT)
6. Fuck You (HA, cute for Christmas, eh?)

Get it HERE! Thank me later!

Trust me when I say they won't be able to put a genre on this one. Um, SO excited.

Yet another hot chick dies in 2008...

Eartha Kitt, yet another femme fatale I greatly admired, died last night-- and the video below was the first thing I thought of. Below, watch Eartha Kitt as she finds her spirit animal.

(BTW, if you want to see Eartha Kitt at one of her most fabulous moments, please rent The Emperor's New Groove if you haven't seen it. Plznthnx!)

(God, some seriously cool people died in 2008, huh?)
R.I.P. Eartha. You were truly one-of-a-kind, and you will be greatly missed.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

To celebrate this often religiously non-specific holiday, I present you with the greatest, most accurate Christmas song of the 21st century.

I love you ALL!
Y Lolita Hazed

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lily Allen pulls a Mario!

OMG, I love Internet games more than... buttered toast. A little. So when I saw in my mail that Lily Allen has both a) a pretty new website for 09's surefire hit It's Not Me, It's You (call me biased, so what) and b) a Mario-esque "The Fear"-themed game, I totes freaked.

And you know what? You can play it right HERE! Avoid paparazzi, booze and ecstasy; listen to the fantastic new song "The Fear" as much as you like, and have fun with cute little computerized Lily! I know I will :-) (Play hard enough and you may win an autographed copy of It's Not Me, It's You-- which I could SO use.)Aww, look at her. I wanna be cute and pixelated. Make ME a game, dear Internetz!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Did the albums I was excited for last year suck?

What do you know? Most of them did not. Here is the list of albums I was excited for with my comments on them...

Annie, Don't Stop
d00d, wut?! This was supposed to come out this year. It did not. It's coming out in spring. Sadness commences.
be your own PET, Get Awkward
What a disappointment. As a huge byoP fan, I was SO EXCITED. The results didn't live up to my long wait-- the original sparks just... were gone. Plus, all the really great songs didn't even make it onto the final version, which was a huge debacle and, well, caused the band's demise. One of 2008's saddest deaths. I was looking forward to more.
CSS, Donkey
I liked this one! Showed my electro-buddies heading in a new direction. It's the CSS I love, but a wee bit more gentille and definitely different, and I have a lot of respect for artists who try never to take the same route twice. I see L7 influence? Likey. Read my review here.
The Duke Spirit, Neptune
THE BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR. Hands down. Buy this shit. It's so good.
Goldfrapp, Seventh Tree
OMG yawn. Yawn. Yawn. I love you, Goldfrapp, but naw. Did not dig. You can do better than this, and I could tell you weren't feeling it the moment I saw that sad excuse for an album cover.
Kid Sister, Koko B. Ware
(Now titled Dream Date) January 27! Woooo!!
The Kills, Midnight Boom
*Sigh*, another favorite of mine from the year! Sexier than usual Kills fare, and believe me, these kids are notoriously sexy (and they show no sign of sucking! EVER!). Their aura exudes UNTOUCHABLE coolness. This album is great, buy it for me for Christmas, plz? I still no haz.
Lily Allen, T.B.A.
It's Not Me, It's You! This one is accounted for. SO A-CITED!! Feb 10 plz!!
N.A.S.A., T.B.A.
Single? Check. So where's the album? Come on.
Ratatat, LP3
It was good. Didn't buy it because I didn't care enough to.
Uffie, T.B.A.
Didn't come out, just like we all knew it wouldn't. Sadz, but saw it coming. We pretty much only saw you twice this year, and I miss you. Come back. Soon. LOVE.

Good albums from '08 I didn't include on the anticipation list:
Britney Spears, Circus
Yeah yeah, so you preferred Blackout-- but you've gotta admit, Britney rocked this shit. Seriously, "Circus" is so, so good. It gets me PUMPED.
Erykah Badu, New Amerykah, Part 1 (4th World War)
My sister, a huge Erykah fan, got this and it's really quite good. Very different, but definitely one of the best she's ever done. However, my sister thinks it's Erykah Badu for white hipsters (which it kinda is, and I have proof).
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds; Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!
Oh, you already know what I think of Nick Cave. I really don't have to say any more, do I?

Anything you liked or were excited for that I didn't include? Hit me up!
Y Lolita Hazed

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Apparently, Americans totally CAN subscribe to Playboy France.

I adore Playboy France, so upon hearing that I, an American who doesn't live in a big city with access to NSFW foreign mags, could obtain a subscription, I was all "Wh-wh-WHAT?!"
Do. Want.
If you're unaware of what's so appealing about French Playboy, you should see some of the spreads. They are so damn sophisticated, and the shoots are always styled VERY well, of which a lingerie devotee like myself is appreciative.

I really want a subscription. I think my mother would be... uneasy. She already thinks I'm a lesbian, so I may as well give her another reason.
Souscrivez-vous à Playboy France ici, mes amies!

In other news: There is SO a new Agent Provocateur store in Chicago OMG.

Confidence isn't dirty

Have you ever noticed how so many women are ashamed of saying they look hot? Self-loathing is such a big thing throughout a girl's adolescence that confidence can seem shameful, much like masturbation and the appreciation of nudity to those who have grown up sheltered. Women have been conditioned to believe that loving yourself is wrong.

Which brings to me the following... what do you think Kelis' "Milkshake" is about?

Go ahead, guess. I've had so many conversations about this topic with people, and I have heard the most unlimited amount of crazy answers. (I could tell you my favorite, but it's quite NSFW.)

There is absolutely no obvious sexual innuendo in this song. Really, look at the lyrics (not to mention the ridiculous opinions people have of its meaning). And if you've ever read her column in Missbehave, you'll know this woman seriously knows her shit. She is a strong feminist, and while it might not appear as such, "Milkshake" is indeed a feminist anthem. I have a great amount of respect for Kelis and believe she is much smarter than people would think-- and has anyone ever considered how tongue-in-cheek this song may be? Come on, she drops a bunch of really vague shit into a song, advertises it to have sexual connotations (the video, the single cover to the right), and leads people to create the craziest ideas of its meaning-- while she has said herself that it is about confidence, sex appeal. If you think about it all, it makes for a BRILLIANT parody of the neverending sexual stereotyping of female artists, as she successfully turns a concept completely on its head.

Another constantly mistaken song is Tweet's sexy hit "Oops (Oh My)". While VH1 trashed it as blatant narcissism, many believe it to be about masturbation (a meaning she rejects, contrary to the song's implications of such)-- when really, the song revolves around the singer's original lack of confidence. She's gone through some rough patches in her life, and at one point, she was so ashamed of how she looked (upon her self-discovery: "I'm turning red, who could this be?") that she was planning on killing herself. As crazy as it sounds, she was saved by a phone call from her dear friend Missy Elliott, who she now calls her Guardian Angel, asking her to provide vocals for her album Miss E... So Addictive. Tweet has said "Oops (Oh My)" is a discovery of how beautiful she really is.

It's depressing how so many seem to believe that women are so desperate for fame that they will sexually exploit themselves through music-- but of course, so many women like that HAVE existed (*cough*, Pussycat Dolls, *cough*) that culture has gotten itself into a pit of believing they will sing about anything to make money (no thanks to former Jesus freak Katy Perry's female-degrading frat party antics-- you know the one I mean, sorry Alex), which my heroine Lily Allen has so wonderfully parodied in "The Fear" ("I'll take my clothes off / and it will be shameless / 'Cuz everyone knows / that that's how you get famous"). And obviously, that's a girl who has learned to understand the meaning of "Milkshake".
So why can't everyone else? And what the hell is up with this sexualization of female confidence?
You tell me.

Friday, December 19, 2008

You're so wonderfully, wonderfully, wonderfully, wonderfully pretty!

I was looking at underwear on the Refinery 29 blog and OMG, I've fallen in love with a new brand called Wundervoll. Not the sexiest name, but oh, the brand itself is gorgeous. Seriously, look at that high-waisted beauty (which reminds me-- has anyone noticed that all of a sudden, high-waisted underwear is HUGE? I think I know why...)

It's simplistic, but totally sexy at the same time. It brings to mind if Helmut Lang did lingerie, which would be AWESOME.
All in all, Wundervoll is succeeding at making the basics sexy again. Best of all, they make cottony shirts and pants to wear over them for optimum couch potato-ing-- which I FULLY endorse. You'll look hot, no matter how many crumbs you have dangling off the little threads of your sweater.
Props to the homebodies.

Check out Wundervoll here, and buy it here if you can understand German. (I can't, and I'm okay with that.)

Karl Lagerfeld earrings.

Do I want?

It's gonna be BIG!

If you haven't heard: Erika, Valentina, Alex and I have started a blog together!! You should see it!

Check Brooklyn Prom Queen out right har.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dita von Teese gives expensive fashion advice!

What a surprise, right? She guest-edited's gift guide with some really gorgeous stuff. Sure, it's all damn pricey, and God knows you can't afford any of it, but it's all really, really good picks. It also taught me I might not be totally apathetic towards La Perla (that pink set is SEW HAWT, you basically see what it would look like if Mimi Holliday made garter belts). Check it for yourself!

If I were a rapper, Bijules would make my bling.

Just when you thought the Bijules nail rings couldn't get any more AWESOME, they went and added glitter to the equation.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Stuff That Pisses Me Off #1: Feigning sluttiness

Little Miss Virgin 2004 Hilary Duff is trying to convince Maxim that she never rendered herself hymenally intact... much like Britney Spears of yesteryear. However, I don't think people care enough this time around.
I'll just tell you that I can't stand shit like this. When Hilary Duff was younger, she displayed a strong case of morals that she became notorious for, and whatever they were, morals can be admirable when stuck to-- even if she was trying to fit into a pre-teen-friendly niche. Some odd years ago, she made an album called Dignity that no one heard. So now, not so ironically, she is conforming to the most cliched standards for women so she can what, sell more shitty records?
Yes, it's very much not their business. However, you should have said that two years ago. We know you want us to think you're a cool slut now, but haven't you learned from previous one-hit women who have attempted that route and failed miserably?
What can you learn from this? BE YOURSELF-- not a cliche. Fuck your audience.
I also don't like liars (or hypocrites, thank you very much). You don't lie about shit that can be proved wrong. I think there's a lot of proof that honesty sells. If you're looking to sell more shit, show us intelligence, creative backbone. Or don't, y'know, I don't really care.

Just like my eternal queen Lily Allen once said, "Just be you. It doesn't matter what people think."
And I don't think there's any better PR philosophy than that.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Karmaloop sales are crizzay!

OMG surriously, just when you thought Karmaloop discounts could not get ANY better, they just went and topped themselves with the biggest discount code I've ever seen. 35% off, y'all!!

Here's some of the shit I personally would cop if I had ample dough:
GAWD I love Cubannie Links. If you didn't win a free pair of earrings today (I didn't either), get some here cheaper than you'll find them anywhere else!
Retail Price: $28
With Code: $18.20
Varsity chic is HUGE in streetwear this season, haven't you noticed? Hellz Bellz gives their rendition of the classic letterman jacket and it's HAWT (like the model). OMG, do want.
Retail Price: $148
With Code: $96.20
The slutty hoodie I CRAVE. Give it to me.
Retail Price: $96
With Code: $62.40

As three is a magic number and I forgot how to add jumps into Blogger posts, I'll leave the rest of the fun up to you. Hit up Karmaloop here!

Skins Series 3 Preview!

Here's all you need to know... Effy is STILL a badass. Surprise?

I had better be able to watch this when it comes. I'm not sure I can wait.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sarah attempts to sit back and relax as fear mercilessly devours her entrails

This is a Big. Fucking. Week. I could not be any more afraid. Why?

  1. I'm supposed to find out whether or not I get into my top college tomorrow. Through a letter. To say I'm on edge would be an understatement.
  2. This is the last week of my semester and I'm scared shitless of my status in Calculus and, um, ART. Yes, you read correctly-- art, the class everyone is supposed to get an A in, regardless of perceived skill level. Shit, nobody has an A in that class.
  3. FINALS. In the words of Rachel Zoe, I die. But not in a good way.

I know I'm supposed to be *so* fortunate to go to a Top 100 high school (which I am, don't get me wrong)-- it's just that it's kind of killing me. My friend's brother went to MIT and he said his freshman year there was easier than his senior year at MY school; how on earth so many people in my school manage to churn out 4.0's year after year beats me.
Also, I've told way too many people where I'm applying, because what else can I say? "I'm superstitious, so I'm not telling you"? I swear, if I have to tell one more person I barely know where I've applied or want to go, I will scream. (In private. Because I'm a lady.) Not only do I feel like I'm disclosing seriously intimate details to strangers-- it also makes me feel like if I don't get in, everyone will know. EVERYONE, which is a big deal, considering I've already had to deal with "so and so got into Cornell" and "so and so got into Georgetown" for a whole week as my aching brain loops "Shutupshutupshutupshutup" like a broken record.

I can't stand those judging eyes. They burn.

For the past few days, I decided that a superpower I might want is to be able to turn into a bouncy ball every time I go into fetal position. Balls don't have to eat, sleep, breathe, work for a living... they're just bounced daily by adorable children. That's a fun existence in my book.

Friday, December 12, 2008

A Tribute to the Baddest Bitch in the Business

There is no one like Bettie Page, and never again will there be anyone like her. As this woman is such an unbelievably huge deal, I'd like to pay my respects to her. So turn on The Cramps, put away your whips, and mourn with me.

When it comes to sex icons, Bettie tops them all. As a prime influence in the 1950's sexual revolution, she was about as radical as you could get back then. While the more traditional pin-ups of the time were more chaste and coy, Bettie's brought danger into the equation. And while she was a sex symbol, she was one that strongly represented the power of a woman in control-- which was extreme(ly necessary) in a culture of female subservience. She exuded confidence, vivacity, and a healthy dose of humor. Best of all, she was scary! This was a chick who showed an equilibrium between fear and lust, as you knew she could probably kick your ass-- but didn't you want her to?
Internally, Bettie didn't seem to give a damn about it all. When the uniform came off, she was just as kind as any Southern girl's charm would allow. While sexuality was her job for years, she had the unshakable innocence of a child. She was so good at what she did that beneath those layers of racy lingerie, it's hard for viewers to remember she was just like a little girl, having more fun with dress-up than you.

I love you, Bettie, and I salute you in your eternity of kickin' it with Jesus.
Long live the patron saint of the pin-up.
Y Lolita Hazed

(Channel a legend in femme fatality and check out an Agent Provocateur set Bettie would appreciate here.)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

byoP fans: Here's something fabulous I just remembered.

I recently remembered that I found Jemina Pearl's MySpace in freshman year. This was on it, and it is proof that she is better than you. (E + V: You will fucking LOVE this.)

Please, Jemina, come back into my life.

Party with Amy fo' free!

Amy Sedaris is, basically, everything I want to be in life. Her career is making weird shit and just being awesome. And you can meet her! She's hitting up the Columbus Circle Borders next Tuesday at 7pm and it's sure as hell gonna be some crazy ish.

I wish I could go. That way, I'd end up meeting both of the Sedaris kids in 2008 (David gave me a bracelet, I'll never forget it), and I would be the coolest kid in school.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My new "Sliding Cat".

Some of my friends are so good at YouTubing that I'm totally convinced it's a skill. I don't have it. Bryan Meador, however, does. Yesterday morning, my sister got an e-mail from him saying "This is what you'll do when you see me next", with the following attached:

Can't. Stop. Watching. It is seriously sliding cat all over again.

Vegas isn't relaxing to 99.9% of Earth's population.

But it is to me. Call me crazy.

Of all the places on this green earth I've visited, I don't think I've visited any city more frequently than Las Vegas. I went there really frequently as a child, it was kinda fucked-up.

This year, as a senior, I haven't been able to get Vegas off my mind-- especially with how much I've travelled. Vacation is all I can think about, I tell people. And they're all, "okay, shut up. You've been to major cities on three different continents in the course of one year, how on Earth do you need vacation?" Well... foreign travel is... hard, to say the least-- especially in tours or in countries that are home to languages of which you speak not even a small derivative. I have done both, and I worked my ass off.
Vacation to me is being able to do NOTHING. After all, you're paying for it-- why not get what you want? The last real vacation I had was in Vegas, during the spring break of my sophomore year. I spent almost a week sunbathing, reading, feeling no pressure to do anything at all. I have really fond memories of that trip. I have really fond memories of Vegas in general. I don't understand how anyone could live there, but it's one chaotic place I can think of where relaxation comes very, very easily. Plus, it's SUCH a haven. Here are 10 reasons I want Vegas, right now:
  1. Ye Olde Camelot Arcade. So expensive, and so worth it. It's the ultimate in child gambling, in the center of real-gambling land.
  2. Red Rock Hotel, the most relaxing and awesome place Vegas could ever have. The hallways are totally Shining-esque. I started talking to my finger upon first sight of them. Awesome.
  3. Mandalay Bay wavepool. OMFG FUNTHYMES. I met a girl who walked against the current through the WHOLE Lazy River. I give her mad props, whatever her name was.
  4. So many wonderfully whorish little novelties. You've got lots of oxygen bars, 3D movies, gondola rides, Madame Tussaud's, Ripley's Believe It or Not-- just the dumbest, craziest shit you would never do at home.
  5. It's true what they say about your identity in Vegas-- as long as you're not a celebrity, you can totally lose it. I will one day go to Vegas alone and disguise myself as a Russian tourist. It will be believable.
  6. The city lacks intellect. Completely. It's the dumbest city I've ever visited. Now that may strike some as a negative, but it's so wonderful. As a student, I find that being able to not think about ANYTHING is a luxury within itself. However, I didn't find a single Barnes & Noble in the city. Shame! I need my magazines!
  7. The best in drinking. I had the best mojito my lips have ever been blessed with in Vegas. Not to mention they have AWESOME food-- the bomb Tex-Mex chain La Salsa is a fave with my family.
  8. No morals at all. This was where I saw someone wearing a thong in public for the first time. It's interesting.
  9. How wonderful is that echo-y feeling you get inside the shops? Mmm, mmm, mmmmm. Especially in The Venetian, as you can hear the gondolier sing. And Caesar's Palace has those hella dramatic Greek tragedy light shows (meaning: awesome).
  10. OMFG SHOPPING. Two words: Agent Provocateur. *Sigh*
Considering how swamped I currently am, it's all I want. But until I've finished high school and earned the money to get myself from Cool Place A to Cool Place B, I remain swamped. C'est la vie.

God, I'm going to have a BLAST there when I'm 21. I was pissed when I learned you've gotta be 21 to gamble there. Fuck that shit. I say Peach Pit plans a meeting in Vegas (hopefully not our first) when we're all of age and have made our millions. Penthouse. Champagne. Memories in the making.

N.A.S.A., for reals, and FINALLY.

Fans of the Jonze brothers will agree with me when I say it's been a long, long year for both of them. You've got Spike with the ever-obstacled Where the Wild Things Are, and you've got Squeak E. Clean with the release of N.A.S.A.'s hotly-anticipated debut album that's gonna be THE SHIT. It was supposed to be the album everyone simultaneously freaked out about this summer. I haven't heard anything from these guys in awhile, so it's about time a single came out.
Lo and behold, it actually has. "Money", which features David Byrne, Z-Trip, Seu Jorge and Ras Cango and direction from art's most prominent propagandist, Shepard Fairey. CHECK IT!

N.A.S.A. - Money ft. David Byrne, Chuck D, Ras Congo, Seu Jorge & Z-Trip from smokeYYY That Real Ish on Vimeo.

[New York Magazine]

Monday, December 8, 2008

Win stuff for being slutty!

And you don't have to put out either! That's right, instead of writing to Santa about how good you were, Nicole Locher wants you to write her about how bad you were. And don't write fake stuff, she can smell bullshit. Stories will be confidential, and the 10 baddest chicks win anything they want from the store with free shipping!

You have until December 14th to write your list to I don't think you'll feel guilty about it in the morning.

Anna-Catherine Hartley = Not Dead.

I think we can all agree it's been awhile since we've seen Uffie. Like, REALLY seen her. I was totally thinking she was dead or something (not really)-- but the new issue of Status is enough to prove otherwise!

She's looking fly, and working hard on the album that has taken FOREVER to come out. And, um, SHE'S MARRIED. APPARENTLY. WHAT. Uff's also looking to get a fashion collab so keep on the lookout, seeing as HOW HOT would that be?
In other news, I've not seen one person in the press notice that "Pop the Glock" is basically one big sample of "Top Billin'". Not one. Shame.

Read the article and more here.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

ThunderAnt, I love you.

O. M. G. Thank you, Jezebel, I NEVER would have discovered this if not for you.
Carrie Brownstein (beautiful singer and ex-guitarist of one of the best riot grrrl bands ever, Sleater-Kinney) and Fred Armisen (formerly of SNL) got together to start a comedy duo called ThunderAnt. It's so, so amazing. Their feminist bookstore videos are super popular, but "The Perfect Song", below, is the real gem to me:

Corin Tucker's in it. I bet you knew that.
Ooh! And "Katchenza" is so good. Watch it and get more ThunderAnt here.
OMG they've got a podcast too! Subscribe!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

So look what I found!

In response to my post from just yesterday, check out what I totally found when I was looking up a Lily Allen pre-order!

(Aww, look at her. She's too cute, almost shocked that we have chosen her as a dream date.)
Yup, Kid Sis is ACTUALLY hitting us up with her CD (finally) in January! Woo! You can preorder it on Insound right here. Love the artwork, done by the very talented Dust La Rock, who also illustrates for Missbehave and the now 19+ Studio B (one year from now = holla!).

I pity the fool that does not mark January 27th on his or her respective calendar.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Olly olly oxen free!

Kid Sister's debut Dream Date was first supposed to come in summer. It was then pushed back to September. Then last week. There's even a (great) review of it in the new issue of BUST! So... I'm confused. What's going on?
Come out, come out, wherever you are, Kid Sis! No matter how fabulously huge that cake of yours is, I can still see you...

BTW, a song of hers, "Get Fresh", leaked onto RCRDLBL, and you can download it here. It's hot. Want more!

Monday, December 1, 2008

2009, prepare for Lily Allen to stake her claim on you.

Lily Allen just announced her first tour dates of the year. Pop Justice has also already given a glimmering review of the forthcoming It's Not Me, It's You... meaning: it's SO on.

The eternal Lolita Hazed heroine entered 2008 with a determination to own it. After entering the American pop scene with her acclaimed debut Alright, Still and gaining both the control and interest of the public eye with her admirably brazen voice, she had both the clout and resources to make her sophomore album yet another hit. She was pregnant with boyfriend Ed Simons' baby, the new face of an upcoming Agent Provocateur collection and taking charge of BBC3 with her talk show, Lily Allen & Friends. But time passed and not only did she miscarry and get dropped from the Agent Provocateur campaign at the last minute-- she had to live under the constant scrutiny of the public eye. Since spring, she has a lot of well-deserved time to think things over, and she has come out stronger than ever.
Fans who have kept an eye on Lily this year are well aware she hasn't stopped working, nor has she let the small stuff get her down. She has instead spun her problems into gold, providing us with one good song after the other and perfecting the final touches on what I'm led to believe will be Lily's most personal and artistically-centered album yet. After all, Alright, Still was quite obviously more of a Mark Ronson production, and with all the tracks she's released lately, you can tell she's much more in charge of her sound now-- and she's certainly showing she handles the independence well! The songs she's been making are the best she's ever done, and not only do they stay true to her outspoken nature-- they show that in two years time, the eternally honest wild child has matured into a well-rounded young lady, her trademark sass developing a refined quality as she focuses less on shock and more on creating a general statement that is likely to strike the public more directly. With hot electro beats and very strategic lyricism, Lily Allen is poised to prove that she could change the world.

Pop's reigning brain is back with a vengeance, and this time, she's truly ready to show Planet Earth she means business. It's Not Me, It's You drops in UK record stores on February 9, 2009.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Best Friend

I swear, this stuff has been keeping me company in the winter for almost half my life. Every year, I find myself looking more and more forward to the day when it finally starts getting cold so that I have an excuse to get this. It makes me so happy; I'm already on my second box of the season.

If you haven't tried it, something is wrong with you. If warm fruity goodness isn't enough to get you interested-- all you drunks out there, you can do SO MUCH with this. I've just been using it with hot water for years and years and obviously, I am doing it wrong. You can make sodas, cocktails, pretty much anything that is appley and delicious, and you can probably secretly pour rum into it without creeping anybody out (hey, it's your thing).
Um, they have HELLA recipes here. I've fallen in love with the possibilities. OMG, you can make a CAKE!

How badly do I want to try this with champagne?
(The correct answer: real, real badly. New Year's Eve, plz?)

Friday, November 28, 2008

"Mumbai is burning, and the world keeps turning..."

The Mumbai killings are just... absolutely heartbreaking. As the sad, three-day death toll rises and rises and rises, I've actually just now found a surprising pair of names in the casualties.

Loumia Hiridjee and her husband Mourad Amarsy, founders of the French lingerie brand Princesse Tam-Tam, of which I have long held a very great deal of admiration and respect, were found dead in Mumbai. [The Times of India]
I have no words. I know that nothing I can say can even compare to how unbelievably... earth-shattering this all is. I cannot even imagine the magnitude of this tragedy.

God bless India, and may all this horrible violence please, for the love of anything, end as quickly as possible.

Stay safe.
I love you all.
Y Lolita Hazed

EDIT: It's over now. Thank GOD. [MSNBC]

Agent Provocateur. Free perfume. WANT.

Agent Provocateur is giving free 50mL bottles of their famous Maitresse parfum for every online order above £100. Considering how wonderful their new(ish) collection, Pirate Provocateur, is, not to mention how curious I've always been about their fragrances, I would TOTALLY hop on this deal (lasting until December 15, while supplies last).
You know. If I had money to do so with.

But you can, as well as find out more about this special promotion, here!

The Lolita Hazed Seasonal Playlist: Winter 2008/2009

It's the day after Thanksgiving! Do you know what that means? ALMOST WINTER!

In my mind, winter is hands-down the best season for music. Somehow, I keep on finding songs that sound wonderful against the pristine white background of the chillier months, when it's time to get cozy and sip some tea by the fire with the people you love most. So for your personal enjoyment, here's my compilation of all the occasionally dark and always beautiful tracks I have on repeat this time of year:

1. Stereolab "Neon Beanbag (Atlas Sound Southern Baptist Remix)"
What a happy tune! Seriously, I don't understand how Laetitia Sadier & Co. could ever fail to bring on the smiles. With its warm reindeer bells, this is an obvious choice for chiming in the holidays.
2. The 6ths "Falling Out of Love (With You)"
I would make this the music for a montage of a snowball fight between lovers-- which is ironic, considering the song's context, but somehow, it fits the idea perfectly.
3. The Walkmen "We've Been Had"
Can't even describe how wintery the feel of this song is. I remember having it on loop in my head during French class four years ago as I daydreamed of running alone through a lit-up Utica Square.
4. Idaho "Levitate"
This is a very cozy little track that I can see playing in a dim cafe at night, the people inside drinking coffee and watching others shuffle through the snowy city streets.
5. Badly Drawn Boy "Walking Out of Stride"
The amazing Damon Gough used the whole of the very wintery About a Boy score to create something that felt strangely intimate. This makes me think of a bundled-up couple doing, well, what do you think (refer to title)?
6. PJ Harvey "The Devil"
My #1 Girl Crush PJ released White Chalk at the perfect time last year, and while fans of her more guitar-driven sound were disappointed, I was very much entranced. The album was gloomy and hollow, and in my favorite song, she sounds like a ghost appearing in the curtains of an occupied house, a melodic warning reverberating from her throat.
7. Bat for Lashes "Tahiti"
Last winter, my town was hit by a freak icestorm that scattered pieces of the strongest trees onto the roads and kept thousands of houses across the state without power for a least a week. On the first night without electricity, two of my friends came over for a quiet night by the fire, looking for what we could to stay occupied. Something about how the house felt provoked me to grab Bat for Lashes' Fur and Gold and play it on the battery-powered stereo, and this was the first thing I wanted to hear. It caught the atmosphere perfectly, and I feel it whenever I hear this.
8. Asobi Seksu "Stay Awake"
Yuki Chikudate sings like a cherub in distress, and this beautiful almost-single shows the always entrancing shoegazers heading in the direction of romantic '60s girl-pop. This is one to snuggle under the covers to.
9. My Morning Jacket "Mahgeeta (Edit)"
Jim James' voice has this sublimely airy quality about it, and this feels like a snow-day anthem waiting to happen. When it plays, I can see the heavily-dressed citizens of a small, deep South town walking to a nearby burger joint upon salted sidewalks that have retained a storm's moisture.
10. Otis Redding "Cigarettes & Coffee"
One of the most wonderfully emotive legends in soul conjures up a perfect image of happiness that can be found in the simplest little things. It's a song that makes me want to take a few friends to Village Inn on a restless night and do exactly this.
11. The Pipettes "A Winter's Sky"
Duh, right? This is a sadder, Shangri-La's-inspired ballad of theirs that reminds me of Elijah Wood in The Ice Storm, and I can almost imagine the trio singing this out in the cold like unmeddling angels, watching as the tragic heroine plunges to her death.
12. PJ Harvey "Silence"
PJ continues with White Chalk's eerie, piano-driven beauties that hang in the air like a cold breath. It's divinely personal, reflective and hauntingly resonant.

BONUS: Panda Bear "Bros"
This is one that I didn't think really fit anywhere else, but still think is a really great winter song. I read that this was recorded in an indoor pool, which makes it have a uniquely wintery quality. I would like to sled to this at night, even though I have fallen off my bike to this (yes, I'm five).

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The best sale of Thanksgiving weekend... is FINALLY having a sale. No more guilt! 50% off, um, ERRTHANG!

Hit it up NOW.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Vendredi Noir @ Locher's

The fabulous ladies at Locher's are giving us a reason to shop online and stay out of the crowds this Friday-- all tops on their website are 25% off! Go get something ironically pretty to wear when you're at Sweetiepie this weekend!

Y Lolita Hazed

Absinthe bar opening in the Meatpacking District!

How girlishly badass does the new restaurant Sweetiepie sound? Just from the name, you can tell little girls would totally dig this... meaning, boozed-up little girls. In other words, me. This place is both a confectionary and an absinthe den! It's written up to be sensously dim, delicately decorated, and lavishly equipped when it comes to desserts-- a $50 sundae may not beat the cost-level of Serendipity 3's ridiculous 1K dessert, but it's got at least twenty scoops. Talk about childhood dreams! If Marie-Antoinette lived in New York City, you'd be sure to find her here. Ooh! And you can eat your dinner in a golden cage! This place seems sexy in an almost babydoll-esque way.

This is like the Lolita Hazed restaurant. I'm hitting this place up the next time I stay at The Gansevoort.

Hit up Sweetiepie, opening tonight at 19 Greenwich Avenue.

Monday, November 24, 2008

JUST slutty enough: Round 2

This hoodie. Is. Unbelievable. It's almost crumbelievable.I've always looked at hoodies and thought, "Huh. This needs to be made a little sluttier somehow." Shepard Fairey knew what I was talking about. That man knows exactly what women want somehow. I am convinced. How is this so? This might be one of the hottest hoodies I've seen... ever.

Don't care if it won't keep me warm. Want. And it's, um, $10 cheaper on Karmaloop? (Shame on you, Shep! You know there's a recession! I'm only kidding. Not really.)

Lily Allen's new album is called...

...It's Not Me, It's You.
Perfect. So Lily. Much better than Stuck on the Naughty Step.

Here's the tracklisting:
1. Everyone's At It
2. The Fear (or "I Don't Know" / the new single, as you may know)
3. It's Not Fair
4. 22
5. I Could Say
6. Go Back to the Start
7. Never Gonna Happen
8. Fuck You (AKA "Guess Who Batman")
9. Who'd've Known (awesome, as I thought that wouldn't be released due to copyright issues)
10. Chinese
11. Him
12. He Wasn't There
(Order most likely not confirmed-- see here)

Preorder it here and you'll have it by February 10! I personally am waiting for Insound's pre-order to come around, as they always have adorable little presents that come with the CD's.
Couldn't. Be. More. Excited.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


As I walked past the famous Wollman Rink in Central Park two weeks ago, it was hard to not get at least a tiny bit jealous. I eagerly snuck the lens of my camera through the metal gates, taking quick snapshots of adorable little groups who skated happily to '60s girl pop. I sighed to myself, wishing I could do something like this anytime I pleased...
...which is why I full-on SQUEED upon reading the local headlines of today's Tulsa World. Dude, the BOK Center is opening an outdoor skating rink!! With a giant Christmas tree, just like Rockefeller!! OMG OMG. THIS FRIDAY. I am going to dress up so damn cute for this.

I'll be expecting/performing hijinks of this caliber:

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cool Mag Alert: Flavor City (France)

When I was in New York this month, I discovered this amazing little magazine store called Universal News Cafe right down the street from my hotel (which I plan on writing about later). Stepping in, I was in awe-- every magazine I could think of and MORE was there-- except for one, a magazine I fell in love with in France this summer. A little magazine by the name of Flavor City.

I got this at Relay upon my arrival at the Paris train station, immediately intrigued by it's gorgeous cover flecked by singer/supermodel Micky Green (above, third). This thing kept me entertained the entire bus ride and then some. Ladies, if there's a magazine that is seriously WHERE IT'S AT, Flavor City is it. It's basically like a girly teen magazine for stylish French women, with page upon page of hot fashion, celebrity gossip, street style, sexy French boys, beauty tips and OMG QUIZZES. They're also down with the hottest spots in Paris so you can be sure to hit the city in style-- AND they make sure their socially-savvy little readers know what's going on in the world (big plus). This is some of the most fun I've had in a foreign-language magazine, and I've come across a few. Um, SUBSCRIPTION. WANT. This baby needs more love.

Get to know Flavor's flavor at their awesome blog here (French skills required, unless you'd like to read with Babelfish). Totally adding to blogroll!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Okay guys so GUESS WHAT.

It's official-- the Secret Diary of a Call Girl Facebook (yeah, I'm a nerd, whatevz) has confirmed that the Peach Pit's TV obsession will start its second season for Showtime on January 18 at 10:30 ET/PT! You know what that means-- more Hannah/Ben sexual tension funtime! Get pumped!And in case you've ever wondered what hot items Belle's wearing in the show like I have, the website has a brand new style feature! Check it out here.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Huge La Perla sale next week!

You ladies know I'm allll about fancy lingerie. However, I've never been a chick who freaked out over La Perla-- they've just never really held my attention is all. Buuut they are having a massive sample sale (up to 75% off, ladies) on 5th Avenue starting Monday the 24th and ending that Friday. So if you're a La Perla kind of girl, I advise you head on down there and get something pretty and recession-friendly!

La Perla 5th Avenue: 260 5th Ave (between 28th and 29th), 9am-6pm
Happy shopping, darlings!

In other lingerie news, the amazing Journelle is going to be featured on Tim Gunn's Guide to Style tonight on Bravo at 10/9 C. I'm tuning in, how about you?

Here comes Lily Allen!

Lily Allen was in Bedfordshire yesterday filming the video for her brand-new single "The Fear", which I'm very excited for as this is one we haven't heard! I thought Lily said "Everyone's At It" was going to be the new single, but I guess this proves otherwise (second single, mabes?). Either way, it looks like this vid is going to not only be fun as usual, but also very beautiful. Lily's back in full swing, baby! These next four months are gonna be totes Lily-dominated, so get ready, 'cuz this album is gonna be hot! Isn't she as well? *Sigh*. Lovely Allen indeed.

[See what she's wearing and more at ASOS Today]

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I forgot how much I love Britney Spears.

2008 has been awesome for Britney Spears, hasn't it? "Womanizer" kicks ass, not to mention I listened to the Circus leak and I'm totes loving it. No joke, that shit is so good, search it on Hypemachine ("Lace and Leather" is my personal fave)!
Some chicks from that era are not allowed to have "greatest hits" albums. However, Britney just had so many good ones... which brings me to this amazing claymation imitation of one of those jams, "Stronger".

I am now so angry that I can't find my copy of Oops... I Did It Again!. Must find.

Found courtesy of stopmotion wunderkind and total hottie Michael Mouris' YouTube (did not make this).

CRAZY FACT: I met Britney AND Jamie-Lynn at Urban Outfitters in Chicago when I was nine. It was awesome.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Awesome Bath I Haven't Had

I'm pretty sure every kid has dreamed of immersing themselves in Jell-O at least once. Hell, adults probably do, too! Either way, I know that when I read about Jellybath in ELLEgirl (R.I.P.) six-ish years ago, childhood dreams squeed in my brain, skipping happily at the prospect of being fulfilled. I was unmistakably intrigued (I even think the onomatopoeia "floomph" was used at one point-- it drew me in) and determined to one day try this baby out for myself.

Though further inspection of the product has proven that no, it's not like taking a bath in Jell-O, I still found myself wanting to chill out in a pool of blue goosh. Come on, it requires a separate pack of mix to dissolve this stuff! How much fun is that? It also apparently stays warm for a super long time, which is awesome, considering the fading warmth of bathwater is a problem I face frequently. ELLEgirl went so far as saying it feels like a blanket. Um, water blanket? "Inconceivable!" cried Wallace Shawn. This sounds like the best idea for a Christmas present that anybody ever had, and I don't know about you, but I sure as hell could use some. Check out a video of some chick trying it out below!

Notice how when she pours on the powder, it sounds like she's emptying a bag of Pop Rocks. Awesome.

Buy Jellybath at locations listed here, or at their Paypal shop here. Either way, if I try this, I'm def posting about it!

New Asobi Seksu OMG!

If you're not aware of Japanese shoegaze band Asobi Seksu's greatness, you best get schooled! Today, they put out a single with two brand-new songs: "Me & Mary" (which you can hear below) and "Breathe Into Glass". James and Yuki have confirmed that this will be the first single of an upcoming album, apparently called Hush, so get excited!

You like? Get new single on iTunes 'kay!

Duke-Spirit-loving fashionistas REJOICE!

To say that Liela Moss has remained "under the radar" is an understatement. She and her band, The Duke Spirit, have been critically acclaimed by a very, very small audience. As a huge fan, it has gotten to me, as The Duke Spirit are much better than the shit that gets hype these days-- especially considering the magnitude of greatness that their second album, Neptune, possesses. However, since Liela has decided to fully embrace her love of fashion, she's gained the attention of a cool dude who agrees with my woes-- none other than fashion Olympian Alexander McQueen. I have been ALL OVER the idea of his line for Target and not only was his cosigning of my beloved frontwoman enough to get me excited-- he pretty much MADE the line FOR her. And he's got the girl modeling. Um, he's even got her picture from the Neptune cover on a SHIRT! A shirt that I'm BUYING!Monsieur McQueen, if this love of Liela was a marketing ploy to get me to buy your now cheaper (thank you, thank you so much) digs of high-renown, you already had me at Target. And now it looks like I'll be at the opening... on, um, THURSDAY. THIS SHIT COMES OUT ON THURSDAY. I will so be wearing that shirt with my Tatty Devine Duke Spirit necklace!!

[Picture courtesy of Highsnobette]

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fred Flare = Best Christmas Shopping Evz.

Yeah yeah, it's obnoxious, but it's about that time to start shopping for friends. I have a lot of fun with it, and I pride myself on being a hella good gift-giver. Fred Flare never fails to be a #1 gift source-- after all, they're one of the quirkiest shops out there, and they've got some crazy stuff! I got most of my presents for friends from there last year and they were a huge hit (their talking Japanese watch being one of them). Their gifts are stylish, original and make for some awesome stocking stuffers. Here are my favorites that I would totes get for myself if I were my friend:

If I could be an animal, I would so be a hummingbird. They're tiny, have freaky flight patterns, are super colorful and live on juice. Also, they have the fastest heart rate of any animal out there, so if you ever tried to shoot one, it'd be all Matrix-like. Hummingbirds are badass, and this $10 gold-plated necklace is tiny and adorable. Do want!
These Lucid Studio necklaces are GORG. The cupcake necklace is more popular but I have absolutely no idea why because, hello? PRETZEL NECKLACE! AMAZING! They're also made of fancy-shmancy vermeil, so you know they're quality. I couldn't really afford to get this for a friend as it's $50, but that's quite cheap for vermeil.
These gloves are so '80s goth that I was spellbound on sight of them. Considering most of my clothes are black, these babies and a black veil are all I need to start dressing like Lydia Deetz on the daily. So pretty! So cheap! Gimme!
The ultimate Lolita Hazed pick, and a tres necessaire part of my Peach Pit Justice League superhero uniform. While they're not as accurate as the more high-couture Cutler & Gross glasses they're knocking off, these shades are cute and easy on the wallet.

Don't you know there's more fun to be had? Check out What's New for the holidays @!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Covers That Aren't Boring

You know what? Covers are getting so old. I'm kinda sick of them-- especially the recent trend of covering a song that came out one day ago is no longer progressive or surprising-- it just seems dumb, especially when it's been done before. If you want to be progressive, do something different, right?
Which reminds me of something amazing I found a few winters ago. This might have become one of my favorite covers ever, ever, EVER. It's SO BADASS, and it's resonated with me. Yes, year after year I come back to it. It includes wonderful deadpan singing action and some intense blond headbanging madness. This is a video that will make you want to learn how to play the ukelele. It may become your life ambition.

Obviously, this video is perfect in every way.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The super-hot and highly-buzzed Married to the MOB x Nike Dunks hit Nike's 21 Mercer in SoHo November 8. I was reading about it just now and thinking, "Oh, well, that was after I came back home, right?"
Dude. I was totally in New York then. WHAT. DUMB.

So mad I didn't know. If you're in NYC, you should hit up 21 Mercer so you can tell me the price tag and make me jealous. I'm scared it'll be in the three-hundred's range, but if it is, I can at least look at them and say "These shoes are three hundred dollars. These shoes are three hundred dollars," and so on.
I just want to see what they look like on my feet. And maybe sigh a little.

Monday, November 10, 2008

OMG, Claw!

I am all for chicks who do their own thing, so I've obviously got a soft spot for America's graffiti queen: the inimitably awesome Claw Money! The bitch is back with a vengeance in her AW08 collection. Some of my favorite tees are below:

God, I love feminism in streetwear, and with ladies like Leah McSweeney and Claw, there's so much of it now to just bathe in. (See also the HAWT "Gangster Bitches" tee and hoodies.)
Come on, sing along!
Um, tiny claw-shaped braces. I'm officially in love.

I usually limit my fashion pic-posting to three, so you can save the rest of the fun for yourself. It's so wonderfully '90s, with its Nike rips, old school rap references, totally Tribe-Called-Quest-esque patterns. And for her more high-line, notorious outerwear collection, it gets even more badass with, um, sportswear copyright infringement (Red Satin's my pick, but I personally couldn't give two shits about team sports). That's right. This girl's not afraid of your lawyer. In fact, she's already sharpening her weapons...
Get the new goods from AW and her highly covetable collab jewelry (DO WANT) with artist Gabriel Urist here.


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