Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Awesome Bath I Haven't Had

I'm pretty sure every kid has dreamed of immersing themselves in Jell-O at least once. Hell, adults probably do, too! Either way, I know that when I read about Jellybath in ELLEgirl (R.I.P.) six-ish years ago, childhood dreams squeed in my brain, skipping happily at the prospect of being fulfilled. I was unmistakably intrigued (I even think the onomatopoeia "floomph" was used at one point-- it drew me in) and determined to one day try this baby out for myself.

Though further inspection of the product has proven that no, it's not like taking a bath in Jell-O, I still found myself wanting to chill out in a pool of blue goosh. Come on, it requires a separate pack of mix to dissolve this stuff! How much fun is that? It also apparently stays warm for a super long time, which is awesome, considering the fading warmth of bathwater is a problem I face frequently. ELLEgirl went so far as saying it feels like a blanket. Um, water blanket? "Inconceivable!" cried Wallace Shawn. This sounds like the best idea for a Christmas present that anybody ever had, and I don't know about you, but I sure as hell could use some. Check out a video of some chick trying it out below!

Notice how when she pours on the powder, it sounds like she's emptying a bag of Pop Rocks. Awesome.

Buy Jellybath at locations listed here, or at their Paypal shop here. Either way, if I try this, I'm def posting about it!


Erika said...

her accent totally caught me off guard. can someone not look british? she didn't look british. still, the only way i would try this was if the jello was thick enough for me to eat it while i was laying in it. that's gross and all, but i can't be around food that i cannot also consume, which is why i have such a problem with plastic fruit.

lolitahazed said...

Ugh, I KNOW. Playing house as a kid pissed me off so much. Plastic food is so pointless, it's like an evil trick that toy companies came up with to taunt hungry children.
I would bathe in Jell-O, and wanting to eat it as you do so isn't gross (I'd be doing the same), but the stickiness factor bothers me. Stickiness and I just don't cooperate well.


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