Monday, November 10, 2008

OMG, Claw!

I am all for chicks who do their own thing, so I've obviously got a soft spot for America's graffiti queen: the inimitably awesome Claw Money! The bitch is back with a vengeance in her AW08 collection. Some of my favorite tees are below:

God, I love feminism in streetwear, and with ladies like Leah McSweeney and Claw, there's so much of it now to just bathe in. (See also the HAWT "Gangster Bitches" tee and hoodies.)
Come on, sing along!
Um, tiny claw-shaped braces. I'm officially in love.

I usually limit my fashion pic-posting to three, so you can save the rest of the fun for yourself. It's so wonderfully '90s, with its Nike rips, old school rap references, totally Tribe-Called-Quest-esque patterns. And for her more high-line, notorious outerwear collection, it gets even more badass with, um, sportswear copyright infringement (Red Satin's my pick, but I personally couldn't give two shits about team sports). That's right. This girl's not afraid of your lawyer. In fact, she's already sharpening her weapons...
Get the new goods from AW and her highly covetable collab jewelry (DO WANT) with artist Gabriel Urist here.


Erika said...

Oooh I love Claw Money! Surriously, if I had the vision and capability, I would so start an female streetwear line so fast. These ladies are killin it every time. Actually, awhile back, Trashbag Aesthetics had a Claw Money giveaway, but the tees in that contest weren't this cool. I want the first tee shirt so bad.

What Women Want said...

Love all three of them...
BOOM! I got ur BF is sick...lolol


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