Monday, November 10, 2008

More Love, Please: Maps "It Will Find You"

This song is so arresting in every way. It's a well-written mix of contradictions: melancholy and hope-inspiring, soft and chaotic, paralyzing and almost dance-worthy-- it's a shame UK act Maps hasn't gotten more love, especially after being nominated for a Mercury Prize in 2007 (through which they helped fellow noms Bat for Lashes and Fionn Regan do a cover of Primal Scream's classic "Higher Than the Sun"). A song that truly stops me in my tracks with its quality is rare, so this is a song I keep coming back to on the dark nights it fits so well with. It's also awesome for driving on the rainiest of days. And I know that because I totes discovered this song through the Skins finale, in which characters drove in rain. Anyway.

Dear Earth: Give Maps more love. Start here.
Download: Maps "It Will Find You"



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