Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cool Mag Alert: Flavor City (France)

When I was in New York this month, I discovered this amazing little magazine store called Universal News Cafe right down the street from my hotel (which I plan on writing about later). Stepping in, I was in awe-- every magazine I could think of and MORE was there-- except for one, a magazine I fell in love with in France this summer. A little magazine by the name of Flavor City.

I got this at Relay upon my arrival at the Paris train station, immediately intrigued by it's gorgeous cover flecked by singer/supermodel Micky Green (above, third). This thing kept me entertained the entire bus ride and then some. Ladies, if there's a magazine that is seriously WHERE IT'S AT, Flavor City is it. It's basically like a girly teen magazine for stylish French women, with page upon page of hot fashion, celebrity gossip, street style, sexy French boys, beauty tips and OMG QUIZZES. They're also down with the hottest spots in Paris so you can be sure to hit the city in style-- AND they make sure their socially-savvy little readers know what's going on in the world (big plus). This is some of the most fun I've had in a foreign-language magazine, and I've come across a few. Um, SUBSCRIPTION. WANT. This baby needs more love.

Get to know Flavor's flavor at their awesome blog here (French skills required, unless you'd like to read with Babelfish). Totally adding to blogroll!


Erika said...

Dude, this mag sounds amazing! The French may perhaps be the best magazine creators ever. Plus Flavor City is the cutest title! I will now basically whittle away my Sunday reading the blog.

And omg! That's what we need in White Rice! A quiz, but like a ridic one like, "How to tell if you might be an axe murderer."

lolitahazed said...

OMG. BEST. Sardonic quizzes, PLEASE.


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