Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Duke-Spirit-loving fashionistas REJOICE!

To say that Liela Moss has remained "under the radar" is an understatement. She and her band, The Duke Spirit, have been critically acclaimed by a very, very small audience. As a huge fan, it has gotten to me, as The Duke Spirit are much better than the shit that gets hype these days-- especially considering the magnitude of greatness that their second album, Neptune, possesses. However, since Liela has decided to fully embrace her love of fashion, she's gained the attention of a cool dude who agrees with my woes-- none other than fashion Olympian Alexander McQueen. I have been ALL OVER the idea of his line for Target and not only was his cosigning of my beloved frontwoman enough to get me excited-- he pretty much MADE the line FOR her. And he's got the girl modeling. Um, he's even got her picture from the Neptune cover on a SHIRT! A shirt that I'm BUYING!Monsieur McQueen, if this love of Liela was a marketing ploy to get me to buy your now cheaper (thank you, thank you so much) digs of high-renown, you already had me at Target. And now it looks like I'll be at the opening... on, um, THURSDAY. THIS SHIT COMES OUT ON THURSDAY. I will so be wearing that shirt with my Tatty Devine Duke Spirit necklace!!

[Picture courtesy of Highsnobette]



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