Friday, November 28, 2008

"Mumbai is burning, and the world keeps turning..."

The Mumbai killings are just... absolutely heartbreaking. As the sad, three-day death toll rises and rises and rises, I've actually just now found a surprising pair of names in the casualties.

Loumia Hiridjee and her husband Mourad Amarsy, founders of the French lingerie brand Princesse Tam-Tam, of which I have long held a very great deal of admiration and respect, were found dead in Mumbai. [The Times of India]
I have no words. I know that nothing I can say can even compare to how unbelievably... earth-shattering this all is. I cannot even imagine the magnitude of this tragedy.

God bless India, and may all this horrible violence please, for the love of anything, end as quickly as possible.

Stay safe.
I love you all.
Y Lolita Hazed

EDIT: It's over now. Thank GOD. [MSNBC]



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