Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Absinthe bar opening in the Meatpacking District!

How girlishly badass does the new restaurant Sweetiepie sound? Just from the name, you can tell little girls would totally dig this... meaning, boozed-up little girls. In other words, me. This place is both a confectionary and an absinthe den! It's written up to be sensously dim, delicately decorated, and lavishly equipped when it comes to desserts-- a $50 sundae may not beat the cost-level of Serendipity 3's ridiculous 1K dessert, but it's got at least twenty scoops. Talk about childhood dreams! If Marie-Antoinette lived in New York City, you'd be sure to find her here. Ooh! And you can eat your dinner in a golden cage! This place seems sexy in an almost babydoll-esque way.

This is like the Lolita Hazed restaurant. I'm hitting this place up the next time I stay at The Gansevoort.

Hit up Sweetiepie, opening tonight at 19 Greenwich Avenue.



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