Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The super-hot and highly-buzzed Married to the MOB x Nike Dunks hit Nike's 21 Mercer in SoHo November 8. I was reading about it just now and thinking, "Oh, well, that was after I came back home, right?"
Dude. I was totally in New York then. WHAT. DUMB.

So mad I didn't know. If you're in NYC, you should hit up 21 Mercer so you can tell me the price tag and make me jealous. I'm scared it'll be in the three-hundred's range, but if it is, I can at least look at them and say "These shoes are three hundred dollars. These shoes are three hundred dollars," and so on.
I just want to see what they look like on my feet. And maybe sigh a little.



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