Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Best Friend

I swear, this stuff has been keeping me company in the winter for almost half my life. Every year, I find myself looking more and more forward to the day when it finally starts getting cold so that I have an excuse to get this. It makes me so happy; I'm already on my second box of the season.

If you haven't tried it, something is wrong with you. If warm fruity goodness isn't enough to get you interested-- all you drunks out there, you can do SO MUCH with this. I've just been using it with hot water for years and years and obviously, I am doing it wrong. You can make sodas, cocktails, pretty much anything that is appley and delicious, and you can probably secretly pour rum into it without creeping anybody out (hey, it's your thing).
Um, they have HELLA recipes here. I've fallen in love with the possibilities. OMG, you can make a CAKE!

How badly do I want to try this with champagne?
(The correct answer: real, real badly. New Year's Eve, plz?)


Valentina said...

Omg, appley champagne. Yes please, do want. Absolutely. My best friend is the now ever present chai latte. I drink one at least once a day. It's sick I tell you.

Elizabeth said...

I keep seeing at the store and I'm dying to try it. It sounds delicious. Mmmmmmmmmmm, warm appley goodness. Also, Shades of Brown is selling pomegranate something or other cider, and I'm pumped to try it.

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