Monday, October 27, 2008

The Clampdown

This is where it gets serious, kids. No more shenanigans. In about a week from now, I will have to send my college application through cyberspace. This means I've got to work like Ebenezer Scrooge on Christmas Eve, not to mention that I have essays to revise, have read, freak out over... as much as I love writing this, from here until next Wednesday night or so, I'll be swamped in that front. But come around then, I'll be in the fabulous city of New York and the fun can really begin!
So you can look forward to then. And I can worry a whole bunch and frantically carry to and from my house to several teachers and counselours. It's gonna be a tough week. Wish me luck, darlings...

...and I'll see you in New York!
Y Lolita Hazed

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blast the Past: Nelly Furtado "Turn Off the Light"

I've always really liked Nelly Furtado. When she came around in 2000, her brand of natural, funky folk-pop was certainly something that hadn't been heard before. Her debut Whoa, Nelly! was pretty impressive and gave us great songs like "I'm Like a Bird" and my favorite, "Turn Off the Light" (video above). She was a sleeper success, full of style, street smarts and a lot of things to say. Then she came out with the wonder of 2002's vastly-underrated Folklore, an album that hypnotized me immediately. (It was pretty much the soundtrack of my sixth grade year, and I highly recommend it.) So when she joined Timbaland's growing posse two years ago, I was very disappointed. While Loose has some okay songs, it was like all the other-- in Nelly terms-- "Shit on the Radio", you know? Considering how fresh her preceding albums were, it was sad.
I've had a very nice little sentimental connection with Nelly. After all, her prominence in the years 2000 to 2002 coincided with my preadolescence. So it can be understood that when I think of her, I like to think of her like this.

*Sigh*. This is such a good song.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Girls on Film: Miss Spider (James and the Giant Peach)

Whinier Disney chicks can pack up and go home, because none trump the hotness of James and the Giant Peach's Miss Spider. Played by fellow sexpot Susan Sarandon, the girl thrives in darkness. I cannot resist old school goth, and if a children's cartoon character personified it, it would be Miss Spider. And her hot beatnik look? Um, seriously. She wears three pairs of stiletto boots at once. Charlotte Olympia would be proud.
A fiercely independent spirit, she prefers being alone. The other bugs naturally fear her, so she relocates to dark corners (and fittingly opens up a badass nightclub in New York City at the end). But beneath her scarier exterior lies a nurturing, appreciative soul, and a heroine who will risk all to get her friends out of a funk.

But this femme fatale is not without a trace of danger, of course-- on set, her live counterpart bit little Paul Terry, so frightened that he left the biz for good. Now that's what I call an intimidation factor.

Lily Allen keeps getting better and better!

If you've been keeping up with Lily Allen this year, she's released quite a lot of new songs, like "I Don't Know", "I Could Say", the not-to-be released "Who'd Have Known?" and "Guess Who Batman". Well just recently, she posted what will be her 2009 album's first single-- "Everyone's At It"-- and I'm wowed. It's the best she's done all year! It's exactly what fans have come to expect from her: on-point social observations, a healthy amount of piss-taking and of course, a whole lot of fun. Listen below and fall in love!

I swear. This girl gets me more and more excited for her album with every song she puts out. I love this woman so much.
Step back, ladies-- pop's reigning brain is back! (And we can breathe a collective sigh of relief.)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Another One Bites the Dust: Radar folds

After COSMOgirl!'s folding back in early fall, I wasn't thinking of any particular publications that would be next-- strangely enough, I didn't think any would be. So I didn't see this coming at all. I was shocked and saddened to see that one of the smartest magazines out there today will no longer be in print soon. They've also sold their website to National Enquirer, and it will be relaunched in 2009 and probably be completely different in every way.

This sucks.
For those who were never clued in on Radar's greatness, the magazine was a very refreshing dose of intelligently satiric commentary on politics, pop culture, social psychology, sex, money and everything else we occupy ourselves with. Its articles were explorative and enlightening, but unfortunately, its audience was not vast enough and their skill in business needed improvement-- thus the fold occuring.

*Sigh*. Goodbye, Radar. I'll really miss you.
Y Lolita Hazed
[News and picture courtesy of Gawker]

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Some albums have weaved themselves into my life story.

A few years ago, when some friends came over, I decided I was going to clean out my CD collection. I gave away three that I can remember-- Belle & Sebastian's If You're Feeling Sinister (purchased when I met a boy that I was, at the time, still hurting from) and Elliott Smith's self-titled and Either/Or, which were kinda my emo middle-school albums that I thought I was past.
A few days ago I was all, DAMN, I want those Elliott Smith CD's back. I was so unbelievably jonesing for them out of nowhere. My friend gave them back to me and I'm super-happy. I'm listening to the self-titled right now, which is definitely one of my favorite albums of all time and I'm surprised I'd let go so easily.

God, I used to know ALL the words to this album.
My attachment to this album reminded me that I have so many other CD's that have been a part of my life story. They include, but are not limited to:
  1. The Dumb & Dumber soundtrack. God. My neighbors and I used to do the craziest dances ever to "New Age Girl" whenever it was possible. It NEVER got old, which is the wonderful thing about being a kid, you know? It's definitely a reminder of one of the happiest times of my life so far.
  2. Any Jock Jams CD. My neighbors and I were OBSESSED. We'd listen to it every day. It still isn't old!
  3. AND OMG Hanson's Middle of Nowhere! Rep Tulsa! A big part of my childhood. So many people I love have this album on repeat-- my precious neighbors I keep talking about and two of my best friends I can think of.
  4. Any Pure Disco CD ever made. In third grade, we decided disco parties were the coolest thing in the whole wide world. We were pretty awesome kids. Nine years later, a disco party is still one of the most bomb things I can think of.
  5. The Dangerous Minds soundtrack. My mom has played this constantly my whole life. It's actually to my left, right now. SO MANY CAR TRIPS. Always "Don't Go There" by 24K, which is the best thing ever to dance to. If my family had a definitive CD, it would be this or Michael Jackson's Bad-- which is sad, because the latter kinda sucks.
  6. Elliott Smith's self-titled, of course. OMFG I would lay on my floor and just stare and the ceiling and listen to it. I was sew emo.
  7. Rooney's self-titled. MY FRIENDS AND I THOUGHT WE WERE SO COOL! We were OBSESSED! We all went and saw them together in freshman year. It was intense. It was pretty much the last thing we did together. We weren't that close.
  8. Belle & Sebastian's If You're Feeling Sinister. Yeah, yeah, so I bought it with a boy who spent at least three years fucking with me. Don't want to give him power, but yeah, it took a lot of my time these past few years, so it's kind of a must on this list. It's also important because of another boy I met in freshman year that I wish I hadn't turned down. He and I would sing "Like Dylan in the Movies" together, it was so cute. He doesn't talk to me anymore. I still think about him.

Whoo! Okay, personal moment over! I thought I had so few, but damn, I could go on forever!
What about you guys?

It's all been done... or has it?

Oh my GOD, over the past few years, slutty costumes have REALLY gone out of control. Really. I've seen a slutty bumblebee, a slutty Care Bear, a slutty Harry Potter... dear God, I'd thought I'd seen them all. But as the years go on, I just seem to find ones that trump the ridiculousness of yore. For example:Someone, somewhere in this country, will or actually has worn this. Notice how the eyes are so strategically placed? The slutty costume industry is seeming more and more like the porn industry-- any idea is acceptable, no matter how ridiculous, and if it's been done before, we'll just do it again. Sooner or later, all the ideas will be used.

But I was wondering... what hasn't been done? What would be the most unexpected slutty costumes? Here are my ideas...
  • a pile of laundry
  • a bottle of bleach
  • a tree
  • a trash can
  • an ear
  • a house
  • a marshmallow
  • Barack Obama
  • a rabid possum
What's the dumbest slut costume you've ever seen? I'm all ears.
Also, my ideas could improve. I'm on a mission to make this list better, so what's your ridiculous idea that you don't think anyone's ever done?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Insight is pro-toastiness.

Within my family, I have a reputation for always being at least a tiny bit underdressed. "No matter how hard you try, you just... don't get there," my sister told me on Sunday as Chicago wind made me shiver like a bunny in a snowstorm. I was thinking about how I am totally lacking some fat jackets-- not to mention ones that look awesome. I took to the internet, of course, and as I was browsing Cultist, I spotted this on Yasi's blog:

This is just what I needed to get the pep in my step about winter. It's sexy, super-puffy and looks like it'd be hella reliable for those brutally chilly months ahead. And the rest of the A/W '08 collection is pretty cool too. Holla!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm a dumbass for not getting this shirt.

I've been watching this Married to the MOB shirt for a very long time-- ever since it went on sale on Karmaloop. It had a nice stock of Smalls and I was all, "I'll get it eventually." The recession has been holding me back from doing so, you know? I refrained from writing about it, thinking I could do it once I'd bought it.

Dude, not soon enough. All out of Smalls today. Um, DAMN.

That shirt was totally made for me. I'll have to spend my life looking for another soulmate shirt.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Bars are dumb when you can't go to them.

You wanna know the BEST feeling ever? Getting to do whatever you want without it being illegal. Having gone to Europe this summer, I got to really experience that. On my last night in Paris, my friends and I hit up a funny little soccer bar down the street from our hotel. I was so glad I was allowed to drink that my conversing with the bartender was almost reminiscent of McLovin' trying to buy liquor in Superbad. I was so glad I wasn't being turned down that my underage status was so, SO obvious.

But it is either way-- I can't get away with asking for a drink at an open bar, you know? I look 15. Last night, I went to a little restaurant in Bucktown with a really nice group of people who work at a shop nearby (one really cool chick with us totally looked like Jemina Pearl!). The woman who owns the store ordered a bottle of wine, and it was served to everyone-- including my twin sister-- but me. She suggested that this was probably because I showed a lot of enthusiasm when they said they had orange juice (I got a free refill for letting the waiter borrow my pen!!). Psh.

So I'm all chillin' in my hotel room, looking on Jezebel like I do every day when I saw this:
I know, right? I'm here! But there's two problems: 1) Well, I already have plans. C'mon, I'm a lady about town. 2) It's at Old Town Ale House. That's obviously a bar. I get a chance to chill with fellow Jezzies and can't!

I'm finally able to vote and I'm still being let down by the law. Things would be so much easier if the drinking age was lowered-- the exact reason why I can't go to casinos, which an 18-year-old could enter a year ago.
Life is dumb.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Time for a change of scenery!

It's finally fall break in my corner of the world, and I'm heading to the Windy City!! Obviously, this means beautiful neighborhoods, H&M, hopping over L-train turnstiles, and of course, Giordano's-- Chicago totally means food, and it's the only place where I will willingly eat McDonald's. Yummm O'Hare fries.

I'm hitting the road today, and thanks to my workload, I'm bringing my laptop along. I'll be making sure I show you everything interesting I see around here!
I'm looking to turn this town upside-down-- so here's where you come in. Do any of you have recommendations of restaurants, shops, clubs, anything out of the ordinary? After all, you ladies know your way around, and I would love to hear what you think!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Spotted: Blair Waldorf wearing what I wanted for Christmas

Something about the bottom picture leaves me so full of envy that it should be criminal. Okay, whatever, Ed Westwick's hot, don't care-- this is something I prioritize way over man-candy.
As I was watching the preview for next week's Gossip Girl and did a bit of a double-take near the end. As the camera panned a scantily-clad Leighton Meester, I stopped for a moment and thought-- "OMFG, is she wearing last season Agent Provocateur?!"The picture doesn't show it well, but if I'm correct, that is indeed Winter 2007/2008's red Gangster set. Normally, I'm Team Waldorf, but no fair. Plus, way to disobey your own code-- in the back-to-school episode, Blair was seen ripping on a potential minion for wearing last-season Tory Burch. Isn't lingerie just as bad? Minus 1 for inconsistency!

*Sigh*. The bitchery is only a defense mechanism. I'm too jealous.

When E-mail Fights Back

In these recent years, I have discovered a deep love for the following (in chronological order): absinthe, Missbehave and working out. This is why getting shit like this in my e-mail pains me so:
Oh girl I LOVES to work out. I'm that lazy person who realizes the stress-relieving power of endorphins ridiculously late in her life. Plus, Crunch has some crazy stuff! Want to try! Best nighttime workout ever!
And, um, you see that tiny green thing in the bottom middle? Yep, it says "Lucid", which happens to be America's first real post-prohibition absinthe.
Do you also see the two words "open" and "bar"?

I'm so sad. I vote this party be moved to early November.

Journelle online boutique is finally open!

All right, so I'm sort of late on this-- but better late than never, eh?

Just when you thought there weren't enough fabulous online lingerie shopping resources, New York's Journelle, the secret object of my affection-from-afar, finally steps up and opens theirs. And, um, GAWD do the buyers here have some good taste: they've got Bela's Dead, Mimi Holliday, Myla, Made by Niki, even some Jimmyjane gear? An au-dessous aficionado's dream.

Check it out, and don't have too much fun! Buy me stuff plz, you knowz what I likesz k?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Dude, M.I.A. is pregz.

Check it out-- thanks again to Jezebel for the gossip!

(They also dropped the knowledge that my favorite book, guess which one, is 50 today ^_^-- see here)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Agent Provocateur has more surprises for us!

I won't lie-- when I saw Agent Provocateur's much-hyped "Season of the Witch" collection, I was pretty unimpressed. If it wasn't AP, it might be better, but most of the pieces seemed inspired by ranges from past seasons-- except for the stunningly original sets Maschina (shown left) and Manuela. Even so, most of the designs seem like they would only really work in fall.

This is why I was hella excited to hear that Agent Provocateur has not the usual two, but THREE more collections for this year's campaign! Yes, Joe Corre has revealed this year's creative line-up in the latest issue of Knickers Forever, and it goes as the following:
  • Season of the Witch, of course
  • Pirate Provocateur
  • Pan and the Vestry Virgins
  • ...and the last one will be a secret!

I'm digging on it so much now. After hearing about them, it makes the theme of the season awesomely clear-- it's very much reminiscent of a giant fairytale-- starting with Grimm's, then pirate folklore and Greek mythology. Pan and the Vestry Virgins is one I'm really looking forward to! It seems like Corre's going to have a lot of fun with this season. "I think of Agent Provocateur lingerie as a superhero costume to wear under your clothes. At any moment you could rip your dress off and transform yourself," he says. Sounds like my kind of adventure!

Check out "Season of the Witch", starring Daisy Lowe, right here.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm Dead, I'm Dead, I'm Dead

Halloween is approaching fast, and if I had the dough, I'd want the real costume to be underneath my clothes. And what better for a lingerie nerd to wear on Halloween than the sickly sweet British brand Bela's Dead? Inspired by the darker arts, such as my favorite Humbert Nick Cave's classic Murder Ballads, the pieces bear typically less-pleasing imagery, such as rotting apples and some fancy dead guys hunting. In its short run, the brand has become instantly popular and frequently sells out at high-end lingerie boutique Glamorous Amorous. I'm dying for these sets here:Um, Rita Hayworth at the graveyard. Dig.#1: I want this slip. #2: I want this basque. I want it all. Please give.Rock this camisole with the matching French knickers and you're pretty much the coolest chick at the slumber party. Too bad it runs together as, ohai! $520!

When I heard about this brand, I was instantly enchanted. I'm all about rocking old-school goth and designer lingerie is obviously a huge obsession of mine, so Bela's Dead has definitely made it onto my shortlist. It's sexy, powerful and also a very interesting commentary on women's sexual power. Oh, and the art is RIDICULOUS. It's so intricate, it's unbelievable.

Girl, if I had the money, I'd be all up on this shit faster than a zombie on brains. Theming your similes is fun, BTW.
If you want it, you can get it here. And then you can give it to me. That's what friends do!

Kthnx! (Yep, couldn't pull off goth for long)
Y Lolita Hazed

The Greatest Invention of All

I am not usually one for gimmicky products-- but when I saw American Idol cake-flavored ice cream, I was immediately down. My friend and I laughed it off, not thinking it was going to be that good-- but oh, it was. It was the start of something very new in our lives. It was the perfect hybrid that we had never before imagined-- the opposite of ice-cream cake. A revolution. Whenever we hung out, much like two junkies would discuss getting heroin, we would discuss buying another tub of Take the Cake, as it was appropriately dubbed. The term "taking the cake" became a verb we would use frequently, and we allowed others to think whatever the hell they wanted about what it might have meant.
The point of the American Idol sponsorship was to provide four new flavors and have people vote the best one, which would then become a real flavor. Take the Cake won, and it disappeared in stores for like TWO YEARS. We would look all over for it when we were together, but would always fail to find it. A little part of our souls were crushed. The mourning process took awhile, but I'm pretty sure the Cake Collective has reached a mutual acceptance.
Turns out our bereavement was just simple patience--my sister spotted it in the ice cream section at the grocery store a few days ago, and we totally freaked and had to buy it. The wait is over! TAKE THE CAKE IS BACK!

So consider this my recommendation. This shit is good. Try it, and experience the euphoria!
And, um, I guess you can find out where to get it here? It's kinda silly. Do it if you must.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Something for the booty and the mind (at the same time)

These past few years have been epic for femme-C's-- we've dropped some really massive talents all around the world, and it's showing. From Uffie to Amanda Blank to Kid Sister and so many more, we're finally beginning to take over in a male-dominated industry-- come on, right now, you've got M.I.A. selling more music than Jay-Z, Ne-Yo, Akon... credit is finally being paid where it's due, especially if you consider which of those artists mentioned are as politically active as her. It will hopefully be a realization that our world needs more socially conscious rap, and ladies have been doing it well.

One lady to keep in mind for just that is Berlin's inimitable Sasha Perera, writer of what she calls "intelligent booty music". As the sick lyricist for Europe's finest electrio Jahcoozi, it would be safe to say that this chick will be kicking ass until she dies. Her voice is unforgettable upon first listen-- it's smoky, sexy and completely merciless. Storming stages around the world, she spits rhymes with a speedy finesse that refuses to quit-- which helps, because girl's got a lot to say. Jahcoozi's albums Pure Breed Mongrel and Blitz 'n' Ass cover a whole library of socialogical subjects, and as a Sri-Lankan woman in Germany, she knows them well. And a smart, independent woman like her knows you can't prosper alone, so her thoughts are also backed-up by some hot beats from her main men Robert Koch and Oren Gerlitz. Once the three get together, they're utterly unstoppable, and they're ready to take the issues of the world by storm faster than a pair of debaters. She knows you're wondering-- what do we do about all the problems our planet faces? And her answers are simple: lots of sex and dancing-- and this spitfire brings plenty of both.

Get more Jahcoozi here.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Cool Mag Alert: Frankie (Australia)

Yeah, so I used to be a NYLON girl. I have owned around 20 or more issues dating back to 2005, a lot of which I've given away after losing hope on them. Their undying devotion to girls my age or younger who do nothing more with their lives than get drunk and pose for cameras got very old to me, and I searched for something with more substance. And I've found plenty great magazines that I adore-- but sometimes, I miss those better days of NYLON.In the summer, my mom finds some really fabulous magazines when she's at the bookstore, and she picked up an issue of the highly adorable Australian mag Frankie for me. I was immediately attracted to its cover, but haven't we learned it's what inside that takes the cake? It's loaded with great features: bi-monthly DIY's, recipes, engrossing essays from interesting people, books and music they're digging, and pages and pages of awesome fashion from around the world that you won't find ANYWHERE ELSE. It's an impressive read.
It's kind of like everything you'd always really wanted NYLON to be, but never could-- it's smart, coy, embraces less typical beauty and ZOMG it's socially conscious. I don't know about you, but I'm not cool with playing the ignorance card when it comes to my reading of current journalism. But that's just me.

Explore the wonderful world of Frankie by clicking here. Get free music, win some seriously dope swag, and check out all the cool stuff they're dying to tell you about!
Frankie is available at select Barnes & Noble bookstores.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sunday Night Fight

Last night, I finally watched the season premiere of Dexter. I was pretty excited for something new, but within just the first few minutes, I was so bored that I contemplated leaving before it ended. The storyline was trite, unoriginal, and feels almost exactly the same as the beginning of last season. New, hard-ass district attorney? Debra trying to go celibate and get her big case? Every character except Rita feels like they're in the exact same place as they were a year ago. And I don't think I ever noticed how many cheesy jokes are used until I saw this episode. Were the lines always this cheesy? I wanted so badly at some moments to tell Michael C. Hall to just shut up-- and that's saying a lot. I want to marry him. The sex was hot, too, but after three times of the exact same thing, that got old, too.
As usual, it was pretty-- but it was so poorly written. Compared to the nearly-flawless adrenaline flow they brought out almost instantly last season, this was a total yawn. I don't think they should ever have resolved so much of the season 2 plot-- maybe then, I would see some genius.

It's on again tomorrow and I'm not sure I'll be watching-- it turns out that Dexter and my new obsession True Blood are going to be on at the same time. It's surprising-- the two goriest shows on digital cable duking it out for the same spot. Obviously, it'll be a rough fight-- but if it comes to me choosing between my favorite Six Feet Under alums, sorry Michael C. Hall, but Alan Ball wins. Sookie Stackhouse 43vz!

In other TV news: South Park starts on Wednesday!! Who else is totally excited?!

JUST slutty enough.

According to my family and a pretty generous amount of my friends, I apparently dress kind of slutty-- and hey, it's true to a point. Most of my shirts are low-cut, my jeans are always skin-tight, and in heat I wear short skirts and shorts to show off the legs I'm proud of. It's just what looks good on me-- I'm into looking girly, and bigger stuff just doesn't look good on me. If you saw me try it, you would know.
I'm guessing most of you ladies who are on point with the ladies' streetwear scene are familiar with the hawt Princess of the Posse sweater that's featured in Karmaloop's Missbehave Pop-Up Shop. I was digging on it, but sweaters don't usually look that great on me. I thought to myself, "There's something missing... I don't know what."

Just last night, I got the Karmaloop newsletter in my e-mail and saw this brand-new beauty in the "new arrivals" list:
Princess of the Posse obviously knows me. It pretty much feels tailored for me now.
Totally wondering what it would look in the blue-and-pink color scheme! I would be so sold if I had more money. Wants to try this on.

Get it here!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

ASSUMPTIONS make an ASS out of yoU and ME

One of my dearest friends during middle school lives in the middle of nowhere, hunts deer and goes to church every Sunday. She's always been a pretty conservative girl, and I shockingly watched her walk out of RENT after the girl-on-girl kiss during "The Tango Maureen". But she's one of the kindest, most pure-hearted people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting-- my shock was from shame.

Yesterday, a group of us were discussing how weird it feels that some of us will be able to vote. The aforementioned girl, who turned 18 on Sunday, asked us when the last day to register was.
"October 10th," a guy I know said.
"Where do you register?" she asked. I was completely silent for a bit of a time.
"I--is it bad that I don't want to tell you?" The slow pain of that sentence was brutal to even me. I felt like those words would burn my larynx. Another little bit of silence. She got the message.
"I'm... actually registering as a Democrat," she replied. I was totally shocked, and felt guilty, slightly harsh.
"Wow-- really?" I inquired, still feeling idiotic. She explained that she's beginning to see she agrees with neither side-- Republican or Democrat-- wholeheartedly, and wants to register Independent.

I thought I was more open-minded than the petty judgment I committed. I'm telling you because I don't want you to make this mistake.
Let everyone know they need to vote, regardless of political bias-- this year, it feels pretty urgent.
Declare Yourself, Rock the Vote, do whatever-- just make sure you register soon, because who wants to miss out on this important election? Not I!

And as a virgin voter, I know I want my first time to be special-- so feel free to choose who you want, but as for me, I'm...

(Courtesy of Highsnobette-- you guys kick ass! ^_^)
(Get the shirt here.)

Get informed! Watch the vice presidential debate on CNN now!

Mid-debate update: Want to curl up in a ball on my floor. I'm so afraid.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Good Deals: It's Layer Time!

Well, it looks like I was so distracted today that I forgot a very important greeting-- happy October, kids! It's officially fall, so you know what that means... more layers! Of course, more clothing equals a good eye for warmer pieces. But hey, clothing requires money, and this is obviously a pretty scary time economically.

Fortunately, Karmaloop is here to save the day for its chilly devotees! Today and tomorrow, they're selling all sweatshirts (and t-shirts) 15% off for customers who use the code TEESWT at checkout. I'm checking out their "sweatshirt" section online and here are my favorite picks:

I want this Married to the MOB hoodie rull, rull bad and would wear it pretty much everywhere... you know, maybe except school, where I wish they didn't care about expletives on clothing. For shame!
Original Price: $145
Deals Price: $123.25 Shepard Fairey has been a true mainstay in American political art with his boundary-pushing propaganda, and his clothing line OBEY doesn't fail to excite either! I really dig this Angela Davis-y hoodie that'll keep you warm and send a message.
Original Price: $68
Deals Price: $57.80
I adore Hellz Bellz, because it feels like streetwear for the girl who never thought she could pull it off (i.e. me)-- and that's especially what their FAB A/W 2008 line feels like! My favorite is this pitch black cardigan with white teeth. It's sexy, tough, and totally femme. But it's also very simple without being boring at all. Wow, I'm in love! The world needs more stuff like this!
Original Price: $76
Deals Price: $64.60

There's plenty more really cool pieces where that came from (t-shirt section included), but I'll let you see the rest for yourself-- so go check it out! Have fun and don't forget to enter TEESWT at checkout if you buy... then take a deep breath and remember we can get through this. But hurry, because tomorrow's the last day!

Lots of love to Karmaloop, who continue to be leaders in their trade. As good businessmen, they believe their sweet customers like you and I could always use a break.

Thanks again, guys :-)

Kids with Guns

Children, I am exhausted. Your girl's had herself a hell of a day.
Today I woke up all joyful and whatnot, full of ideas and ready to come home and FINALLY work on my college application essay. I was listening to some vivacious music on the way to school, a smile radiating throughout the hallways-- I was good to go.
But halfway through my Calculus class, it was announced that we were on lockdown. You know, nothing special at my school. Seriously, we go through that shit constantly-- at least twice a year or so-- but it's never anything huge, nor does it ever last too long. My high school is in the Top 100 best in the country, so everything is usually running quite smoothly, and it certainly prepares us for the world outside.
But nobody expected today to wear them out so damn much-- or to be so... um, eventful.

We were in the same class for three hours. At first it was fun. We knew a gun was involved, but we weren't sure how and weren't really stressing it, because we're tough (a friend and I were nonchalantly singing this post's title to each other). We all kicked back and bonded, discussing whether or not certain people we knew would take a bullet if it came down to it. But then it got old. We watched Pirates of the Carribbean for the Brazilianth time. We were locked away for what felt like the whole day. Some of us ate our lunches in that class.

So what was the commotion?
Some douche underclassmen brought THREE FUCKING GUNS to school. Why? THEY WERE GOING TO SELL THEM.
And dig this-- maximum punishment for these kids is a year of suspension. That's. It. You know, not criminal punishment for bringing a weapon onto school property and whatnot-- not even expulsion. Just a year of suspension. Come on back! Our beautiful school's arms are wide open to give you opportunities you don't deserve.

Sometimes I don't get life.


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