Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm a dumbass for not getting this shirt.

I've been watching this Married to the MOB shirt for a very long time-- ever since it went on sale on Karmaloop. It had a nice stock of Smalls and I was all, "I'll get it eventually." The recession has been holding me back from doing so, you know? I refrained from writing about it, thinking I could do it once I'd bought it.

Dude, not soon enough. All out of Smalls today. Um, DAMN.

That shirt was totally made for me. I'll have to spend my life looking for another soulmate shirt.


Erika said...

Awww, I had the same thing happen to me when I was e-harassing this awesome Tank Theory hoodie that went on sale for like 31.00. It was so badass, it had a graphic of the Virgin Mary holding two pistols...but alas, I let it go and now it only comes in small. Like, every medium person HAD to have it too?

lolitahazed said...

Haha, you and I have the opposite size problems! We need to trade sizes somehow. $31 is AWESOME for a hoodie-- I think I remember that one, did you post it? From what I remember, it was hella tight. Damn!

Googling always helps. I actually found my shirt in small at The Giant Peach but it's not as cheap, and they don't give out as many discount codes. Damn, Karmaloop is so awesome! I wish it wasn't always selling out of stuff!

BetseyJ said...


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