Monday, October 13, 2008

Dude, M.I.A. is pregz.

Check it out-- thanks again to Jezebel for the gossip!

(They also dropped the knowledge that my favorite book, guess which one, is 50 today ^_^-- see here)


Valentina said...

OMG I KNOW, THIS IS CRAAAZY-TOWN!! I'm so happy for her... I will always, always <3 MIA like an unreasonable amount.

Erika said...

I hope this doesn't turn into a Lily Allen pregnancy situation and then she kinda drops off the radar forevs. Who's her baby's daddy? OMG tell me it's Kanye!

lolitahazed said...

Aww, Lil. Yep, she's not coming out with her CD until 2009! Sadness returns... but that bitch is coming back.
Her B.D. is some dude from a band called The Exit. Dis. A. Pointing. I was kinda praying that it was the result of some late closing sex between her and Diplo. Um, can you say cutest and coolest baby ever?


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