Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Good Deals: It's Layer Time!

Well, it looks like I was so distracted today that I forgot a very important greeting-- happy October, kids! It's officially fall, so you know what that means... more layers! Of course, more clothing equals a good eye for warmer pieces. But hey, clothing requires money, and this is obviously a pretty scary time economically.

Fortunately, Karmaloop is here to save the day for its chilly devotees! Today and tomorrow, they're selling all sweatshirts (and t-shirts) 15% off for customers who use the code TEESWT at checkout. I'm checking out their "sweatshirt" section online and here are my favorite picks:

I want this Married to the MOB hoodie rull, rull bad and would wear it pretty much everywhere... you know, maybe except school, where I wish they didn't care about expletives on clothing. For shame!
Original Price: $145
Deals Price: $123.25 Shepard Fairey has been a true mainstay in American political art with his boundary-pushing propaganda, and his clothing line OBEY doesn't fail to excite either! I really dig this Angela Davis-y hoodie that'll keep you warm and send a message.
Original Price: $68
Deals Price: $57.80
I adore Hellz Bellz, because it feels like streetwear for the girl who never thought she could pull it off (i.e. me)-- and that's especially what their FAB A/W 2008 line feels like! My favorite is this pitch black cardigan with white teeth. It's sexy, tough, and totally femme. But it's also very simple without being boring at all. Wow, I'm in love! The world needs more stuff like this!
Original Price: $76
Deals Price: $64.60

There's plenty more really cool pieces where that came from (t-shirt section included), but I'll let you see the rest for yourself-- so go check it out! Have fun and don't forget to enter TEESWT at checkout if you buy... then take a deep breath and remember we can get through this. But hurry, because tomorrow's the last day!

Lots of love to Karmaloop, who continue to be leaders in their trade. As good businessmen, they believe their sweet customers like you and I could always use a break.

Thanks again, guys :-)


Erika said...

I love that OBEY hoodie! I saw it and was like, "Do Want." Dude, when I get that Princess of the Posse sweater, I'm adding a delicious hoodie to my order! Ugh, too bad it's still 900 degrees here. Oh well I can suffer the heat stroke for fashion!


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