Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Something for the booty and the mind (at the same time)

These past few years have been epic for femme-C's-- we've dropped some really massive talents all around the world, and it's showing. From Uffie to Amanda Blank to Kid Sister and so many more, we're finally beginning to take over in a male-dominated industry-- come on, right now, you've got M.I.A. selling more music than Jay-Z, Ne-Yo, Akon... credit is finally being paid where it's due, especially if you consider which of those artists mentioned are as politically active as her. It will hopefully be a realization that our world needs more socially conscious rap, and ladies have been doing it well.

One lady to keep in mind for just that is Berlin's inimitable Sasha Perera, writer of what she calls "intelligent booty music". As the sick lyricist for Europe's finest electrio Jahcoozi, it would be safe to say that this chick will be kicking ass until she dies. Her voice is unforgettable upon first listen-- it's smoky, sexy and completely merciless. Storming stages around the world, she spits rhymes with a speedy finesse that refuses to quit-- which helps, because girl's got a lot to say. Jahcoozi's albums Pure Breed Mongrel and Blitz 'n' Ass cover a whole library of socialogical subjects, and as a Sri-Lankan woman in Germany, she knows them well. And a smart, independent woman like her knows you can't prosper alone, so her thoughts are also backed-up by some hot beats from her main men Robert Koch and Oren Gerlitz. Once the three get together, they're utterly unstoppable, and they're ready to take the issues of the world by storm faster than a pair of debaters. She knows you're wondering-- what do we do about all the problems our planet faces? And her answers are simple: lots of sex and dancing-- and this spitfire brings plenty of both.

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