Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm Dead, I'm Dead, I'm Dead

Halloween is approaching fast, and if I had the dough, I'd want the real costume to be underneath my clothes. And what better for a lingerie nerd to wear on Halloween than the sickly sweet British brand Bela's Dead? Inspired by the darker arts, such as my favorite Humbert Nick Cave's classic Murder Ballads, the pieces bear typically less-pleasing imagery, such as rotting apples and some fancy dead guys hunting. In its short run, the brand has become instantly popular and frequently sells out at high-end lingerie boutique Glamorous Amorous. I'm dying for these sets here:Um, Rita Hayworth at the graveyard. Dig.#1: I want this slip. #2: I want this basque. I want it all. Please give.Rock this camisole with the matching French knickers and you're pretty much the coolest chick at the slumber party. Too bad it runs together as, ohai! $520!

When I heard about this brand, I was instantly enchanted. I'm all about rocking old-school goth and designer lingerie is obviously a huge obsession of mine, so Bela's Dead has definitely made it onto my shortlist. It's sexy, powerful and also a very interesting commentary on women's sexual power. Oh, and the art is RIDICULOUS. It's so intricate, it's unbelievable.

Girl, if I had the money, I'd be all up on this shit faster than a zombie on brains. Theming your similes is fun, BTW.
If you want it, you can get it here. And then you can give it to me. That's what friends do!

Kthnx! (Yep, couldn't pull off goth for long)
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