Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kids with Guns

Children, I am exhausted. Your girl's had herself a hell of a day.
Today I woke up all joyful and whatnot, full of ideas and ready to come home and FINALLY work on my college application essay. I was listening to some vivacious music on the way to school, a smile radiating throughout the hallways-- I was good to go.
But halfway through my Calculus class, it was announced that we were on lockdown. You know, nothing special at my school. Seriously, we go through that shit constantly-- at least twice a year or so-- but it's never anything huge, nor does it ever last too long. My high school is in the Top 100 best in the country, so everything is usually running quite smoothly, and it certainly prepares us for the world outside.
But nobody expected today to wear them out so damn much-- or to be so... um, eventful.

We were in the same class for three hours. At first it was fun. We knew a gun was involved, but we weren't sure how and weren't really stressing it, because we're tough (a friend and I were nonchalantly singing this post's title to each other). We all kicked back and bonded, discussing whether or not certain people we knew would take a bullet if it came down to it. But then it got old. We watched Pirates of the Carribbean for the Brazilianth time. We were locked away for what felt like the whole day. Some of us ate our lunches in that class.

So what was the commotion?
Some douche underclassmen brought THREE FUCKING GUNS to school. Why? THEY WERE GOING TO SELL THEM.
And dig this-- maximum punishment for these kids is a year of suspension. That's. It. You know, not criminal punishment for bringing a weapon onto school property and whatnot-- not even expulsion. Just a year of suspension. Come on back! Our beautiful school's arms are wide open to give you opportunities you don't deserve.

Sometimes I don't get life.


MACK said...

wow, thats insane. this kid brought a gun on campus last year--shut down the entire campus for half a day. they shipped us all into the arena and other buildings for lockdown. the swat team/bomb squad came. nobody in or out. every major news station was here, blocking the gates and the major road my school sits on. helicopters, too.

the gun was a vintage, replica-type model. not loaded. the guy was apparently off his medicine. kid got arrested, expelled, and im pretty sure he got time. in jail or a hospital.

a year of suspension? for attempting to SELL GUNS AT SCHOOL? ohai, slap on the wrist. don't sell guns at school jimmy. save that for after-school activities.

lolitahazed said...

Okay, WOW, your situation is pretty much mine TOTALLY magnified in terms of reaction. Wow. I'm trying to imagine a SWAT team...

It's weird to even write about it and remember it's real, you know? It all just seems so fucked-up.

And it went fine. We had nothing to worry about and never felt like we did. Really, what sets me off is the school's reaction. I was SO offended. Really, the kids not only HAVE guns at school, but they are trying to SELL them to kids in my school! Kids who would then USE THEM. We got a flyer at the end of the day explaining the situation, one part saying that the kids didn't want to hurt anyone, they just wanted to sell guns-- THAT HURT PEOPLE. Kbai but you can come back so we can worry about you threatening our campus again!!

I love my school.
But I may never understand its administration...


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