Tuesday, September 30, 2008

OMFG The Duke Spirit on Gossip Girl!

*Sigh*, I love, love, love The Duke Spirit. Hands down, they are my favorite still-unified band. I rock my Tatty Devine for The Duke Spirit necklace at school constantly and everyone who reads it just ends up confused. Then they go on and release Neptune this year and I'm totally bowing to their greatness-- but alone.
So you can imagine my surprise when on last night's Gossip Girl, Dan punching some dude in the face produces sexy guitar and hints of a familiar female wail-- I thought aloud, "OMG, did they just play The Duke Spirit?" I was pretty delighted. Then they get featured in the credits for longer than the five seconds that their song, "This Ship is Built to Last", played in the episode-- and it was a great pick. It's one of my favorites off Neptune and it's certainly one of the strongest tracks on the album. Listen below:

The Duke Spirit is not a hype-y band, for which I'm very grateful, but seriously-- these kids have so much damn talent, it's a bit offensive they're so often ignored. There's so much soul and feeling in their music-- enough to drive you through a whole bottle of whiskey. In the three years since their debut, Cuts Across the Land, was released, these five have opened for The Kills and R.E.M., guested on an UNKLE album and have had their tracks mixed by Chris Goss of Queens of the Stone Age. The Duke Spirit has gained a loyal following, and they have the potential to take over the world if they ever decide they want to.

If you haven't bought Neptune STILL, I highly suggest you do! These kids are so worth it, and it might actually be one of my favorite albums I've ever bought-- and it's only eight months old.


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