Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fall Playlist!

I've labored over it. Kind of. But's it's all for you! I just love you kids too much to not toil for you. (The picture below is a Photoshop edit of a digital picture I took in freshman year of my friend and sister. I was so proud of catching those leaves at EXACTLY the right moment!)
1. U2 "Even Better Than the Real Thing"
One of the funnest things to look forward to around my little town is the State Fair (I know, it sounds like such a bumpkin's activity, right?). One year, I played this before riding a lot of hellaciously freaky rides for the first time, and this song takes me back to that sunny adrenaline.
2. Ride "Vapour Trail"
Homagyah I luv shoegaze, and this is just an all around fantastic song. In a car with the windows down on a cool fall day is where this song really shines. Also, it makes me want to go to the pumpkin patch.
3. Bow Wow Wow "Fools Rush In (Kevin Shields Remix)"
*Sigh*, I adore Kevin Shields, the man knows ambience. And who would have known it could come from a Bow Wow Wow song?
4. Sons and Daughters "Taste the Last Girl"

Plain and simple, this song is really badass. It's another tune that gets me in the mood for the State Fair, but then again, that's not shocking if you consider the video...
5. MGMT "Of Moons, Birds & Monsters"
This is a very, very recent addition. I haven't yet had anything with which to associate it, but something about this song just suits the change in temperature. Another pumpkin patch anthem!
6. The Radio Dept. "I Don't Like It Like This"
The Radio Dept. is absolutely fantastic, and this has become a true fall staple for me-- I've found nothing suits it better than the winds of an equinox...
7. The Velvet Underground "Oh! Sweet Nuthin'"

Oh dear God. In eighth grade, I had a crush on this guy who was total bad news. He was so wrong for me that I couldn't resist! Anyway, he had this really wild party that fall, and of course I was looking forward to it. But OF COURSE, I had to babysit for this chick I don't even like instead. Afterwards, it was all people talked about: everyone hooked up. There were fistfights. I was livid. This song was the melodramatic, lovesick background to it all.
8. Air "Clouds Up"

This beautifully epic track from The Virgin Suicides has a way of stopping me in my tracks, much like this entire CD (a great pick for fall). As it plays, an image of the Lisbon sisters going to school is projected in the back of my head.
9. Radiohead "Weird Fishes / Arpeggi"
A really obvious pick for a fall song, eh? Oh, deary. I remember back in the day when all the kids were freaking out about this CD, which was wonderful, but this was certainly a standout-- and with the amount of times I heard it in the fall, what else could I associate it with?
10. The Radio Dept. "Keen on Boys"
When I was a freshman, I was really crushing on this junior who I talked to every day. He had a girlfriend, but I was 100% sure he liked me. Come on, the boy told me he'd play Cat Stevens for me on guitar (he never did). Sophomore year was filled with awkward hallway tension, and this song takes me back to clutching my books to my chest, a flush coming to my cheeks as we passed each other.
11. Nouvelle Vague "Marian"

Nouvelle Vague is my dream wedding band. Think about it! Covers? Bossa nova? Both are staples for receptions, but had never been put together until this class-act did so. This Sisters of Mercy cover keeps the pretty eerieness of the original, but without the creepy German verse.
12. Badly Drawn Boy "I Love NYE"
I swear, Damon Gough (Badly Drawn Boy) has something special, and it was really clear in the pretty damn flawless score for About a Boy. While this will obviously work for winter, it will still keep you warm in the fall...

A lot of these come from perhaps my favorite fall album, the Marie Antoinette soundtrack. If you can't tell, I highly dig Sofia Coppola's taste in music.
What are some of your choice fall albums?

(Happy downloading, dears. I've got an even better one planned for winter, so just you wait!)
Y Sarah


Erika said...

This is an excellent playlist! Radiohead does suit fall pretty well. So does Badly Drawn Boy. And ohmygawd I totes want Nouvelle Vague to compose a piece for the night of my honeymoon...ahh how amazing that would be...and how scary it is that I even think that far into the future...

lolitahazed said...

Oh, not at all! I'm pretty sure that Nouvelle Vague is the WHOLE reason I've even looked forward to my wedding. If I'm ever at a point where I'm SERIOUSLY raking in dough, I'm booking them! After all, they're fortunately a really easy band to contact!


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