Monday, September 22, 2008

It's my birthday!!

Well, okay-- it was yesterday. But still! I'm 18 now!

It was a little hard to feel good about it. 18 feels huge, not only because I registered to vote on Friday (and accidentally stole an Obama sticker I was told to keep), but because of all the shit I've got coming up. But yeah, I would have it regardless of whether or not I was turning 18.
Anyway, I ended up getting kind of upset yesterday, which I feel bad about, but I couldn't help it. I'm going to New York with my dad soon-- but basically for my college interview. It stressed me out; it didn't feel fair for some reason. It also felt a little too symbolic for my tastes-- now that I'm 18, I'm not a minor anymore and will have to deal with the fact that even special occasions may not feel catch-free 100% of the time. I went to bed early last night.

I'd still been feeling a little under the weather when a Jezebel post by one Tracie Egan turned my frown upside-down...
Aww, thanks, Ting Tings! I'm honored.
And you know what? I'm feeling fantastic now :-)


Erika said...

Happy birthday! You'll do fine on your interview. Just be confident in yourself and all that inspirational jazz. I didn't have to interview for my school. Or write an essay. Hmmm. State schools kinda rock. Plus you'll be in NY at 18! You have clubs to go into, bars to loiter outside of, curfews to disobey! Have fun! Think happy seal thoughts!

lolitahazed said...

OMG I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THAT! You are seriously giving me ideas to ditch my hotel after my dad falls asleep. Man, I wish you guys were could do a time-zone switch for one day and be in New York instead of LA, because I want to have an EVBNO at least once in my life!

Your words mean so much, dear :-) Thank you. I don't know how to tell you how awesome you are!


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