Thursday, September 25, 2008

Blast the Past: Dream "This is Me"

OMFG you KNOW this song is sew good. Seriously, I was a huge freak about the whole '90s girl group craze. Shamefully, I pretty much bought the album of any crap group of chicks, so trust me-- I know right from wrong in that category. Dream was kickass. It was like a little group of white girls who got made fun of because they liked to dabble in hip-hop culture. It was pretty much the group for little ones who would grow up to jump for the Missbehave cult.

Years later, I still love it. I refuse to lie to you. Something about this song is still, like, ten years later, so damn catchy or something.
This was back when they were awesome, you know, before Diddy decided to slut them up. They haven't had a single since, which is fine proof that sex doesn't necessarily always sell. After all, it was never their beauty that made them so charming-- it was their tough innocence that was so unique.

Which is why I love this song. 43v3R.



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