Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hellz Bellz ♥s Omahyra Mota!

Is there any supermodel out there more confusingly hot than Dominican beauty Omahyra Mota? I'm thinking people who see her on the street are wondering if they should hide or profess undying love, because the girl stops traffic. She could probably kill you. She's who David Bowie wrote "Rebel, Rebel" about, I swear, and she hadn't even been born then. So it's only fitting that one of the most beautifully badass lines out there, Hellz Bellz, has been paying a small tribute to her in their A/W 2008 collection...

Two hot shirts with this lady's likeness? Well done, Hellz-- you continue to astonish me. It's completely flawless presentation and an original route relevant to the brand. Who better to serve as a Hellz Bellz muse than the most dangerous model in the industry?
So if you were scoping these shirts and wondering, "Damn, who is that hot chick that I can't even touch?", you can tell all your friends it was Omahyra. They'll need that information someday, because this girl is taking names. Watch out!

Both shirts are available at Boundless New York.

P.S. I'm naming my daughter Omahyra. I just decided.



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