Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Red Eyes & Tears

Guys, get ready to let a big, salty one hit the ground (that was more unfortunately vague than I hoped-- I mean tears, kids)-- Mark Ronson, one of my favorite, most highly-pined for young Humberts, has found himself a new Lolita to replace Daisy Lowe (though they both seem pretty bored, ho ho ho). See below:If it doesn't work out, Mark, well, maybe I can remind you that I'm, um, freshly legal? Come on. Try America at least once.
Picture courtesy of Jezebel.


Erika said...

That's alright...he'll want to commit and she'll want a booty call...they're all the same. On a new note, who is she?

lolitahazed said...

Well-put. I had no idea either! Probably some British socialite chick. But maybe it's just some girl, which would be adorably earnast.

Valentina said...

What the eff? Mark Ronson, you are NOTHING without Daisy Lowe, my ultimate girl crush in life. How dare you replace her with this unattractive ho?! It's like Dan Humphrey trying to replace Serena with that ugly Amanda chick. Somehow, I just know Chuck Bass is behind this.


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