Monday, September 8, 2008

Tatty Devine surprises us AGAIN!

Some people in this world are so creative I swear it's like they take a daily trip to Imaginationland. The ladies of amazing British jewelry collective Tatty Devine are two of those people that leave me suspicious. Seriously, if you've been following them as closely I have, you'd be astounded by the great ideas they keep having season after season after season. So, of course, with the pressure on for their Autumn/Winter 2008 collection, how are they going to follow up a great collection like Spring/Summer's "Movie Mayhem", rife with 3D glasses, sexy legs and plastic candy?

Like this:

Yup. Leave it to good ol' Tatty Devine to make going back to school something to look forward to with unreasonably large pencils, paper clips, ink splats and more for another fun collection. To think grown women would be so hypnotized by such childlike jewelry! My favorites below:

A pencil shaving necklace. Seriously. Who the hell would've thought of that? Only Tatty Devine could draw this inspiration from "stuff you might normally throw away". (£42)

More "Devine" innovation? I believe so! It's a clasped bracelet. With fake clasps. That's badass to me (£87). These girls had some other insane ideas for the clasps average humans like us ignore every day, put onto brooches, pendants and adorable stud earrings. I'll take the mirrored silver clasp studs, plznthnx (£33)!

Um, and check out the fountain pen-tip shit. Pieces like this sublime Swarovski crystal choker are like a fashionista writer's wet dream come true. It's dramatic and quirky, yet retains ladylike sophistication and I'm sure it looks totally stunning on. It's also, unfortunately, the collection's most expensive piece at a whopping £120. That's around $240, my friends. Most writers can't afford that splendor. (The bracelet and earrings are cheaper and still totally gorg.)

It's a really interesting collection. I decided I wouldn't spoil all the fun for you and post ALL my favorites, so go see for yourself!


Valentina said...

Ooh, all so cute! Personally I'm still an Alex and Chloe devotee and probs always will be, but this ish is pretty amazing. If I had any money, I'd totally buy it for all of us.

lolitahazed said...

d000d do you own any Alex + Chloe??? I'll be eternally jealous! If you do, you should totally post it so I can glare at it. God, I forgot about how ace their stuff is.

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