Saturday, October 25, 2008

Girls on Film: Miss Spider (James and the Giant Peach)

Whinier Disney chicks can pack up and go home, because none trump the hotness of James and the Giant Peach's Miss Spider. Played by fellow sexpot Susan Sarandon, the girl thrives in darkness. I cannot resist old school goth, and if a children's cartoon character personified it, it would be Miss Spider. And her hot beatnik look? Um, seriously. She wears three pairs of stiletto boots at once. Charlotte Olympia would be proud.
A fiercely independent spirit, she prefers being alone. The other bugs naturally fear her, so she relocates to dark corners (and fittingly opens up a badass nightclub in New York City at the end). But beneath her scarier exterior lies a nurturing, appreciative soul, and a heroine who will risk all to get her friends out of a funk.

But this femme fatale is not without a trace of danger, of course-- on set, her live counterpart bit little Paul Terry, so frightened that he left the biz for good. Now that's what I call an intimidation factor.



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