Saturday, October 4, 2008

JUST slutty enough.

According to my family and a pretty generous amount of my friends, I apparently dress kind of slutty-- and hey, it's true to a point. Most of my shirts are low-cut, my jeans are always skin-tight, and in heat I wear short skirts and shorts to show off the legs I'm proud of. It's just what looks good on me-- I'm into looking girly, and bigger stuff just doesn't look good on me. If you saw me try it, you would know.
I'm guessing most of you ladies who are on point with the ladies' streetwear scene are familiar with the hawt Princess of the Posse sweater that's featured in Karmaloop's Missbehave Pop-Up Shop. I was digging on it, but sweaters don't usually look that great on me. I thought to myself, "There's something missing... I don't know what."

Just last night, I got the Karmaloop newsletter in my e-mail and saw this brand-new beauty in the "new arrivals" list:
Princess of the Posse obviously knows me. It pretty much feels tailored for me now.
Totally wondering what it would look in the blue-and-pink color scheme! I would be so sold if I had more money. Wants to try this on.

Get it here!



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