Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Greatest Invention of All

I am not usually one for gimmicky products-- but when I saw American Idol cake-flavored ice cream, I was immediately down. My friend and I laughed it off, not thinking it was going to be that good-- but oh, it was. It was the start of something very new in our lives. It was the perfect hybrid that we had never before imagined-- the opposite of ice-cream cake. A revolution. Whenever we hung out, much like two junkies would discuss getting heroin, we would discuss buying another tub of Take the Cake, as it was appropriately dubbed. The term "taking the cake" became a verb we would use frequently, and we allowed others to think whatever the hell they wanted about what it might have meant.
The point of the American Idol sponsorship was to provide four new flavors and have people vote the best one, which would then become a real flavor. Take the Cake won, and it disappeared in stores for like TWO YEARS. We would look all over for it when we were together, but would always fail to find it. A little part of our souls were crushed. The mourning process took awhile, but I'm pretty sure the Cake Collective has reached a mutual acceptance.
Turns out our bereavement was just simple patience--my sister spotted it in the ice cream section at the grocery store a few days ago, and we totally freaked and had to buy it. The wait is over! TAKE THE CAKE IS BACK!

So consider this my recommendation. This shit is good. Try it, and experience the euphoria!
And, um, I guess you can find out where to get it here? It's kinda silly. Do it if you must.


Erika said...

Oh whoa, this sounds/looks great! I better stay far away from it if I'm going to fit into that lovely lingerie you posted!

Danielle said...

Ewww @ cake flavored ice cream. I LOVE, LOVE cake but I recently tried that cake batter ice cream at Cold Stone and it was horrible :-(

lolitahazed said...

OMG no don't give up!! Take the Cake is soooo worth ittt


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