Monday, October 6, 2008

Cool Mag Alert: Frankie (Australia)

Yeah, so I used to be a NYLON girl. I have owned around 20 or more issues dating back to 2005, a lot of which I've given away after losing hope on them. Their undying devotion to girls my age or younger who do nothing more with their lives than get drunk and pose for cameras got very old to me, and I searched for something with more substance. And I've found plenty great magazines that I adore-- but sometimes, I miss those better days of NYLON.In the summer, my mom finds some really fabulous magazines when she's at the bookstore, and she picked up an issue of the highly adorable Australian mag Frankie for me. I was immediately attracted to its cover, but haven't we learned it's what inside that takes the cake? It's loaded with great features: bi-monthly DIY's, recipes, engrossing essays from interesting people, books and music they're digging, and pages and pages of awesome fashion from around the world that you won't find ANYWHERE ELSE. It's an impressive read.
It's kind of like everything you'd always really wanted NYLON to be, but never could-- it's smart, coy, embraces less typical beauty and ZOMG it's socially conscious. I don't know about you, but I'm not cool with playing the ignorance card when it comes to my reading of current journalism. But that's just me.

Explore the wonderful world of Frankie by clicking here. Get free music, win some seriously dope swag, and check out all the cool stuff they're dying to tell you about!
Frankie is available at select Barnes & Noble bookstores.


Erika said...

Whoa! Frankie looks dope por serio! OK I desperately want to start a mag that aspires to be that cool.

lolitahazed said...

Girl, if you ever start a magazine, I would kill to be on that staff :-)

Erika said...

Well...I made the mistake of leaving my old copies of White Rice at my mom's house in ATL, but when I go back for Thksgvng, I'm gonna bring them here to LA and hopefully get something legit started! I think it would be amazing if I could get you and V and Alex to write things for it...maybe Sarah Morrison too, if she's willing...I have super plans for White Rice. Oh yeah, and if it ever took off...of course you would be on the staff. You'd just have to move to LA and live in a fab apt of course.

lolitahazed said...

I honestly think you could do it! You know Sarah Morrison pretty much wants to have your children, she'd probably contribute in a heartbeat. With that stated, I think that with the right people on your side-- which will grow when you start blogging for Missbehave-- you could really take the world by storm! No lies, girl. I'd write stuff for it in a heartbeat, no questions asked.

When in need, you know where to find your trusty disciples.


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