Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Spotted: Blair Waldorf wearing what I wanted for Christmas

Something about the bottom picture leaves me so full of envy that it should be criminal. Okay, whatever, Ed Westwick's hot, don't care-- this is something I prioritize way over man-candy.
As I was watching the preview for next week's Gossip Girl and did a bit of a double-take near the end. As the camera panned a scantily-clad Leighton Meester, I stopped for a moment and thought-- "OMFG, is she wearing last season Agent Provocateur?!"The picture doesn't show it well, but if I'm correct, that is indeed Winter 2007/2008's red Gangster set. Normally, I'm Team Waldorf, but no fair. Plus, way to disobey your own code-- in the back-to-school episode, Blair was seen ripping on a potential minion for wearing last-season Tory Burch. Isn't lingerie just as bad? Minus 1 for inconsistency!

*Sigh*. The bitchery is only a defense mechanism. I'm too jealous.


Betsey J. said...

I can't wait for next week.
But seriously Blair, get with the program. Update that lingerie collection.

Valentina said...

Wait, wha?? B is going to hook up with Chuckles again! OMG, I DIEEEE.


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