Saturday, October 4, 2008

Sunday Night Fight

Last night, I finally watched the season premiere of Dexter. I was pretty excited for something new, but within just the first few minutes, I was so bored that I contemplated leaving before it ended. The storyline was trite, unoriginal, and feels almost exactly the same as the beginning of last season. New, hard-ass district attorney? Debra trying to go celibate and get her big case? Every character except Rita feels like they're in the exact same place as they were a year ago. And I don't think I ever noticed how many cheesy jokes are used until I saw this episode. Were the lines always this cheesy? I wanted so badly at some moments to tell Michael C. Hall to just shut up-- and that's saying a lot. I want to marry him. The sex was hot, too, but after three times of the exact same thing, that got old, too.
As usual, it was pretty-- but it was so poorly written. Compared to the nearly-flawless adrenaline flow they brought out almost instantly last season, this was a total yawn. I don't think they should ever have resolved so much of the season 2 plot-- maybe then, I would see some genius.

It's on again tomorrow and I'm not sure I'll be watching-- it turns out that Dexter and my new obsession True Blood are going to be on at the same time. It's surprising-- the two goriest shows on digital cable duking it out for the same spot. Obviously, it'll be a rough fight-- but if it comes to me choosing between my favorite Six Feet Under alums, sorry Michael C. Hall, but Alan Ball wins. Sookie Stackhouse 43vz!

In other TV news: South Park starts on Wednesday!! Who else is totally excited?!



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