Friday, October 17, 2008

Bars are dumb when you can't go to them.

You wanna know the BEST feeling ever? Getting to do whatever you want without it being illegal. Having gone to Europe this summer, I got to really experience that. On my last night in Paris, my friends and I hit up a funny little soccer bar down the street from our hotel. I was so glad I was allowed to drink that my conversing with the bartender was almost reminiscent of McLovin' trying to buy liquor in Superbad. I was so glad I wasn't being turned down that my underage status was so, SO obvious.

But it is either way-- I can't get away with asking for a drink at an open bar, you know? I look 15. Last night, I went to a little restaurant in Bucktown with a really nice group of people who work at a shop nearby (one really cool chick with us totally looked like Jemina Pearl!). The woman who owns the store ordered a bottle of wine, and it was served to everyone-- including my twin sister-- but me. She suggested that this was probably because I showed a lot of enthusiasm when they said they had orange juice (I got a free refill for letting the waiter borrow my pen!!). Psh.

So I'm all chillin' in my hotel room, looking on Jezebel like I do every day when I saw this:
I know, right? I'm here! But there's two problems: 1) Well, I already have plans. C'mon, I'm a lady about town. 2) It's at Old Town Ale House. That's obviously a bar. I get a chance to chill with fellow Jezzies and can't!

I'm finally able to vote and I'm still being let down by the law. Things would be so much easier if the drinking age was lowered-- the exact reason why I can't go to casinos, which an 18-year-old could enter a year ago.
Life is dumb.



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