Friday, October 10, 2008

Agent Provocateur has more surprises for us!

I won't lie-- when I saw Agent Provocateur's much-hyped "Season of the Witch" collection, I was pretty unimpressed. If it wasn't AP, it might be better, but most of the pieces seemed inspired by ranges from past seasons-- except for the stunningly original sets Maschina (shown left) and Manuela. Even so, most of the designs seem like they would only really work in fall.

This is why I was hella excited to hear that Agent Provocateur has not the usual two, but THREE more collections for this year's campaign! Yes, Joe Corre has revealed this year's creative line-up in the latest issue of Knickers Forever, and it goes as the following:
  • Season of the Witch, of course
  • Pirate Provocateur
  • Pan and the Vestry Virgins
  • ...and the last one will be a secret!

I'm digging on it so much now. After hearing about them, it makes the theme of the season awesomely clear-- it's very much reminiscent of a giant fairytale-- starting with Grimm's, then pirate folklore and Greek mythology. Pan and the Vestry Virgins is one I'm really looking forward to! It seems like Corre's going to have a lot of fun with this season. "I think of Agent Provocateur lingerie as a superhero costume to wear under your clothes. At any moment you could rip your dress off and transform yourself," he says. Sounds like my kind of adventure!

Check out "Season of the Witch", starring Daisy Lowe, right here.


Erika said...

Really though, can Agent Provocateur actually do anything wrong? All they need now is a AP/ Dita Von Teese collabo. Wait, has that happened already? If so I want to see it!

lolitahazed said...

Agreed-- IMO, they're the top lingerie brand out there! Last season was so, so good and I hope they can beat it this year-- I'm really excited for the rest of the season! Actually, Dita von Teese and AP collaborated in 2004, I believe-- they did a little video called "She's Lost Control" and I think you can find it on YouTube.


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