Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fred Flare = Best Christmas Shopping Evz.

Yeah yeah, it's obnoxious, but it's about that time to start shopping for friends. I have a lot of fun with it, and I pride myself on being a hella good gift-giver. Fred Flare never fails to be a #1 gift source-- after all, they're one of the quirkiest shops out there, and they've got some crazy stuff! I got most of my presents for friends from there last year and they were a huge hit (their talking Japanese watch being one of them). Their gifts are stylish, original and make for some awesome stocking stuffers. Here are my favorites that I would totes get for myself if I were my friend:

If I could be an animal, I would so be a hummingbird. They're tiny, have freaky flight patterns, are super colorful and live on juice. Also, they have the fastest heart rate of any animal out there, so if you ever tried to shoot one, it'd be all Matrix-like. Hummingbirds are badass, and this $10 gold-plated necklace is tiny and adorable. Do want!
These Lucid Studio necklaces are GORG. The cupcake necklace is more popular but I have absolutely no idea why because, hello? PRETZEL NECKLACE! AMAZING! They're also made of fancy-shmancy vermeil, so you know they're quality. I couldn't really afford to get this for a friend as it's $50, but that's quite cheap for vermeil.
These gloves are so '80s goth that I was spellbound on sight of them. Considering most of my clothes are black, these babies and a black veil are all I need to start dressing like Lydia Deetz on the daily. So pretty! So cheap! Gimme!
The ultimate Lolita Hazed pick, and a tres necessaire part of my Peach Pit Justice League superhero uniform. While they're not as accurate as the more high-couture Cutler & Gross glasses they're knocking off, these shades are cute and easy on the wallet.

Don't you know there's more fun to be had? Check out What's New for the holidays @!


Erika said...

I love the black gloves so so so so much. Totally 80s Madonna like whoa. I have a bad feeling my clammy palms won't work so well with them though. Boo. :( TMI.

Valentina said...

Is it weird that I love Fred Flare but never bought anything from there? It's like I always intend to, but never follow through and actually do. Kind of like my homework...

MACK said...

i loveee fred flare. they have a store in brooklyn! and i have a cupcake belly ring, so im totally getting the cupcake necklace. yum.


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