Wednesday, December 3, 2008

So look what I found!

In response to my post from just yesterday, check out what I totally found when I was looking up a Lily Allen pre-order!

(Aww, look at her. She's too cute, almost shocked that we have chosen her as a dream date.)
Yup, Kid Sis is ACTUALLY hitting us up with her CD (finally) in January! Woo! You can preorder it on Insound right here. Love the artwork, done by the very talented Dust La Rock, who also illustrates for Missbehave and the now 19+ Studio B (one year from now = holla!).

I pity the fool that does not mark January 27th on his or her respective calendar.


Erika said...

Awww Kid Sister! I can't wait to get Dream Date! I'm gonna sit inside, put on my sunglasses and fitted cap, and drink spiked Hot Chocolate while blasting this album. It's gonna be so dope. Finally, girl, finally.

satchelface said...



Bryan said...

whats your other blog???

Lolita Hazed said...

Oh God. It's funny that you ask-- it's ONE embarrassing entry I wrote a year ago that I kept private. I thought I wrote it well so I haven't deleted it. I guess I've kept it around in case there's anything I want to write privately, ch'know.


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