Friday, December 19, 2008

You're so wonderfully, wonderfully, wonderfully, wonderfully pretty!

I was looking at underwear on the Refinery 29 blog and OMG, I've fallen in love with a new brand called Wundervoll. Not the sexiest name, but oh, the brand itself is gorgeous. Seriously, look at that high-waisted beauty (which reminds me-- has anyone noticed that all of a sudden, high-waisted underwear is HUGE? I think I know why...)

It's simplistic, but totally sexy at the same time. It brings to mind if Helmut Lang did lingerie, which would be AWESOME.
All in all, Wundervoll is succeeding at making the basics sexy again. Best of all, they make cottony shirts and pants to wear over them for optimum couch potato-ing-- which I FULLY endorse. You'll look hot, no matter how many crumbs you have dangling off the little threads of your sweater.
Props to the homebodies.

Check out Wundervoll here, and buy it here if you can understand German. (I can't, and I'm okay with that.)


Erika said...

Okay I have officially figured out what anyone and everyone who knows you needs to buy your for Christmas:

I swear Sarah, if you come to LA I'll take you to the original Frederick's of Hollywood in Hollywood and Trashy Lingerie on Melrose.


Lolita Hazed said...



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