Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Vegas isn't relaxing to 99.9% of Earth's population.

But it is to me. Call me crazy.

Of all the places on this green earth I've visited, I don't think I've visited any city more frequently than Las Vegas. I went there really frequently as a child, it was kinda fucked-up.

This year, as a senior, I haven't been able to get Vegas off my mind-- especially with how much I've travelled. Vacation is all I can think about, I tell people. And they're all, "okay, shut up. You've been to major cities on three different continents in the course of one year, how on Earth do you need vacation?" Well... foreign travel is... hard, to say the least-- especially in tours or in countries that are home to languages of which you speak not even a small derivative. I have done both, and I worked my ass off.
Vacation to me is being able to do NOTHING. After all, you're paying for it-- why not get what you want? The last real vacation I had was in Vegas, during the spring break of my sophomore year. I spent almost a week sunbathing, reading, feeling no pressure to do anything at all. I have really fond memories of that trip. I have really fond memories of Vegas in general. I don't understand how anyone could live there, but it's one chaotic place I can think of where relaxation comes very, very easily. Plus, it's SUCH a haven. Here are 10 reasons I want Vegas, right now:
  1. Ye Olde Camelot Arcade. So expensive, and so worth it. It's the ultimate in child gambling, in the center of real-gambling land.
  2. Red Rock Hotel, the most relaxing and awesome place Vegas could ever have. The hallways are totally Shining-esque. I started talking to my finger upon first sight of them. Awesome.
  3. Mandalay Bay wavepool. OMFG FUNTHYMES. I met a girl who walked against the current through the WHOLE Lazy River. I give her mad props, whatever her name was.
  4. So many wonderfully whorish little novelties. You've got lots of oxygen bars, 3D movies, gondola rides, Madame Tussaud's, Ripley's Believe It or Not-- just the dumbest, craziest shit you would never do at home.
  5. It's true what they say about your identity in Vegas-- as long as you're not a celebrity, you can totally lose it. I will one day go to Vegas alone and disguise myself as a Russian tourist. It will be believable.
  6. The city lacks intellect. Completely. It's the dumbest city I've ever visited. Now that may strike some as a negative, but it's so wonderful. As a student, I find that being able to not think about ANYTHING is a luxury within itself. However, I didn't find a single Barnes & Noble in the city. Shame! I need my magazines!
  7. The best in drinking. I had the best mojito my lips have ever been blessed with in Vegas. Not to mention they have AWESOME food-- the bomb Tex-Mex chain La Salsa is a fave with my family.
  8. No morals at all. This was where I saw someone wearing a thong in public for the first time. It's interesting.
  9. How wonderful is that echo-y feeling you get inside the shops? Mmm, mmm, mmmmm. Especially in The Venetian, as you can hear the gondolier sing. And Caesar's Palace has those hella dramatic Greek tragedy light shows (meaning: awesome).
  10. OMFG SHOPPING. Two words: Agent Provocateur. *Sigh*
Considering how swamped I currently am, it's all I want. But until I've finished high school and earned the money to get myself from Cool Place A to Cool Place B, I remain swamped. C'est la vie.

God, I'm going to have a BLAST there when I'm 21. I was pissed when I learned you've gotta be 21 to gamble there. Fuck that shit. I say Peach Pit plans a meeting in Vegas (hopefully not our first) when we're all of age and have made our millions. Penthouse. Champagne. Memories in the making.



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