Saturday, December 20, 2008

Apparently, Americans totally CAN subscribe to Playboy France.

I adore Playboy France, so upon hearing that I, an American who doesn't live in a big city with access to NSFW foreign mags, could obtain a subscription, I was all "Wh-wh-WHAT?!"
Do. Want.
If you're unaware of what's so appealing about French Playboy, you should see some of the spreads. They are so damn sophisticated, and the shoots are always styled VERY well, of which a lingerie devotee like myself is appreciative.

I really want a subscription. I think my mother would be... uneasy. She already thinks I'm a lesbian, so I may as well give her another reason.
Souscrivez-vous à Playboy France ici, mes amies!

In other news: There is SO a new Agent Provocateur store in Chicago OMG.


Valentina said...

Wait OMG are you serious?! I loooove Playboy France, it's pretty incredible. Have you seen the new issue inspired by Marie Antoinette? So. Fucking. Gorgeous. If I ever meet a boy who reads Playboy France, I might have to marry him.

Lolita Hazed said...

I've SEEN it, but OMG do you OWN it??! Like a physical copy?! I've NEVER seen one. I need one. Those shoots are... indescribable. The Lydia Hearst one is SO AWESOME, and the Lily Cole one is just as good! Seriously, that magazine inspires me to no end and I NEVER saw that coming.

I agree with you. I really, really want to meet a man who reads that stuff. Better yet, a man who can also understand it. I want men to speak French to me.

Zach Ryals said...

How? I have looked and to no avail.


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