Monday, December 15, 2008

Karmaloop sales are crizzay!

OMG surriously, just when you thought Karmaloop discounts could not get ANY better, they just went and topped themselves with the biggest discount code I've ever seen. 35% off, y'all!!

Here's some of the shit I personally would cop if I had ample dough:
GAWD I love Cubannie Links. If you didn't win a free pair of earrings today (I didn't either), get some here cheaper than you'll find them anywhere else!
Retail Price: $28
With Code: $18.20
Varsity chic is HUGE in streetwear this season, haven't you noticed? Hellz Bellz gives their rendition of the classic letterman jacket and it's HAWT (like the model). OMG, do want.
Retail Price: $148
With Code: $96.20
The slutty hoodie I CRAVE. Give it to me.
Retail Price: $96
With Code: $62.40

As three is a magic number and I forgot how to add jumps into Blogger posts, I'll leave the rest of the fun up to you. Hit up Karmaloop here!


Erika said...

I get the Karmaloop alerts and I saw 35% off and I had to do a double take! Karmaloop is so recession friendly!

I didn't even try to get those Cubannies. I have such a long life of not winning things that my pessimistic side said, "Don't bother." So now I will buy them for cheap cheap cheap!


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