Sunday, December 28, 2008

Complain all you want about boutique cupcakeries, but this is BEAUTIFUL.

The picture in E's latest post reminded me: you know how fancy cupcakes are totally a trend now? Dude, there's a cupcakerie in my town called Kupcakz! It might be the most adorably LOL-cat-esque-named cupcakerie of all existing cupcakeries (yeah, Tulsa's cute), and after hearing about it in the newspaper several months ago, I've been seriously begging to give this place a try. And this week, I totally did!

So! Presenting my first-ever cupcake reviews (I am REALLY hoping this is something I'll get to do more than once)!

Not a Carrot in the World (pictured, go ahead and guess which one)
Carrot cupcake, duh. It's pretty meh. Too punny for my tastes.
A Cupcake Named Mackenzie
If you're a chocolate fan, this is probably your naked chocolate Jesus as a cupcake, and not the naked chocolate Jesus that actually existed. (BTW, "Naked chocolate Jesus" is really fun to say fast. So catchy. OMG band name!!) It's got chocolate filling, and its cultural reference is completely lost on me (I'm a 90's baby, give me a break).
Sooner than Later
A red velvet cupcake the boutique made to emphasize their support of the OU Sooners. Those silly little Oklahomans and their statewide college football feud. Eh, it's not Magnolia red velvet, but pretty damn sassy nonetheless.
Tropical Bliss (pictured)
SO. PRETTY. You look at it and you freak because you think you're gonna eat a cupcake covered in Fruity Pebbles-- in which case you'd probably be in Heaven, but they're actually coconut flakes and they're almost as good. Real tasty! Want eat again!
Boston Dreamer
My sister and mom ate it all. Those bitches.
I Dream of Ginger
This is the special monthly one! OMG, so good. It's ginger cake with (totally dead-on) egg nog cream cheese frosting. Hands down the best all-around cupcake I ate from there, but then again I'm kind of a freak when it comes to egg nog. Annnnnd I think I'll go drink some more.

So it's not Magnolia.
So. The fuck. What.

Check out all the, um, Kupcakz I didn't try right here.


Erika said...

Awww! This is such a good cupcakery review! If we all ever make it to Tulsa at the same time, you must have us over for a cupcake tea party, with, of course, Kupcakz!

This totally inspired me to go to the cupcakery in ATL and write a review of it! I usually shy away from taking pics because I feel all touristy when I do it by myself, but I will try.

Anything in the name of delicious cuppies!

Lolita Hazed said...

OMG, want :-)


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