Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Stuff That Pisses Me Off #1: Feigning sluttiness

Little Miss Virgin 2004 Hilary Duff is trying to convince Maxim that she never rendered herself hymenally intact... much like Britney Spears of yesteryear. However, I don't think people care enough this time around.
I'll just tell you that I can't stand shit like this. When Hilary Duff was younger, she displayed a strong case of morals that she became notorious for, and whatever they were, morals can be admirable when stuck to-- even if she was trying to fit into a pre-teen-friendly niche. Some odd years ago, she made an album called Dignity that no one heard. So now, not so ironically, she is conforming to the most cliched standards for women so she can what, sell more shitty records?
Yes, it's very much not their business. However, you should have said that two years ago. We know you want us to think you're a cool slut now, but haven't you learned from previous one-hit women who have attempted that route and failed miserably?
What can you learn from this? BE YOURSELF-- not a cliche. Fuck your audience.
I also don't like liars (or hypocrites, thank you very much). You don't lie about shit that can be proved wrong. I think there's a lot of proof that honesty sells. If you're looking to sell more shit, show us intelligence, creative backbone. Or don't, y'know, I don't really care.

Just like my eternal queen Lily Allen once said, "Just be you. It doesn't matter what people think."
And I don't think there's any better PR philosophy than that.



Erika said...

I wasn't aware Hillary was trying to be a slut. I should look into that, it is like a Miley Cyrus snapshot into the future.

Disney will keep churning out one sad virgin turned hella-ho after another. It's like their mission statement or something.

Elizabeth said...

That video was...impressively uncomfortable. She's not even sexy, just trashy. Also, what's with the statue she's stroking? That one was confusing.

Lolita Hazed said...

Isn't it disgusting? I didn't even watch the whole thing, too uncomfortable.

Nor am I comfortable with the Depeche Mode sampling, even if it isn't in my top ten list of goth hits.


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