Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Note...

Being a senior in high school is hard. Most of you know that. Unfortunately, I've only gotten started, and I've got awhile to go.

These next few months of my life are really going to command my attention, so I probably won't be thinking of much other than school. You can assume I will be especially M.I.A. this fall. Who knows? Maybe this winter, too.

God knows I'm not going to ignore this thing completely in that period of time. I've still got a lot of fun things to write about, so you'll be able to expect a post every now and then. September will have me writing a lot about new TV shows I'll be watching and concerts I'm hitting up-- I'll also have a fall playlist up for you guys once the weather cools down a bit.

I just thought that if I've been away for a long period of time, I should let you guys know why.

Y Lolita Hazed


Erika said...

Totes understand. It's a good thing you're focusing, cos I wasted my senior year doing nothing. If it wasn't for my SAT scores, I wouldn't have gotten into a good school. So keep at it! Good for you! Can't wait to see your fall playlist! It'll be pretty hard to beat mine though...haha.


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