Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This will determine when I head to NYC for college tours.

For awhile, I wasn't super-sure if I was still attracted to Daniel Radcliffe-- because I totally always have been, maybe since forevz (even we were kids, he was just too damn cute in those little glasses), but I was all, "Hey, all the ladies will want him and he's not super-awesome, so I'm losing some interest."

This is no longer, because today I was reminded that Equus is coming to Broadway.
It's from September to February and tickets start at $61.50. I think I'd pay that to see Daniel Radcliffe's junk. It'd be such awkward fun! I'm just hoping that blonde chick in the ads isn't all-up-on him on stage, or else I'll pull the glock and pop.

(BTW I wish I had a stage name like Uffie, so if I had a name necklace and lost it, no one could reclaim it, y'know?)


Erika said...

My old friend totally went to London and saw the huge billboard for this but it was a school trip so she couldn't see it, but she collected a ton of Equus paraphernalia. Personally I'm not a big fan of DanCliffe. Gimme some of Rupert Grint. Mmmmm redheads.

Valentina said...

I agree with Erika, Rupert Grint is where it's at.

Fun fact, did you know that Alfie Allen (aka little brother of Lily) took over this role from Daniel for a while before he comes back to it for the US run? I'd totes pay to see that show. That sounds pretty awesome.

lolitahazed said...

Aww, I feel so sorry for Rupert Grint! WTF with that Teen Vogue cover a little while ago that featured all three of them, but only Daniel and Emma Watson were on the cover? Poor lil' Rupert doesn't get enough love.

The Alfie thing was definitely super interesting, especially because it seems like the main role was the only one that changed! I think the same girl was in it for awhile before the US thing. Either way, super-intriguing, would definitely pay to see both!


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