Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saturday TV Funhouse! TV Funhouse!

(I know it's not Saturday, bear with me.)
August is halfway over and us TV addicts can start to get super excited about the fun that will commence this fall! The days keep getting crossed off the calendar and the mayhem draws nearer and nearer...
Here's what I know I'm excited for (in order of appearance):

Gossip Girl (CW): 9/1
OMFG guyths! The teenage debauchery will return! I just saw the trailer and it's crazy. We can guess that Serena slutted it up this summer, but of course, we never know what to predict when it comes to Gossip Girl, do we? OMFG indeed. Check out the promo below!

Dayyum! Two more weeks, kids!

True Blood (HBO): 9/7
My man Alan Ball sure does love secrets in suburbia doesn't he? This time, he's taking it to Louisiana, where we'll meet Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin, back in blonde), your normal average waitress whose crush on a vampire down the street will lead her into an intense (probably sexy) road of mystery. Since it's Alan Ball, we can be sure it'll be delightfully fucked-up. Watch the trailer below:

Dexter (SHO): 9/28
America's favorite serial killer is back with a vengeance! And it's good, too. After the amount of plot resolution in Season 2, I was worried they wouldn't have much more to build. And thank God there is! *Sigh*, Michael C. Hall, why must you be married...

Also, art propagandist Shepard Fairey (OBEY Giant) designed Season 3's poster. It's pretty badass, isn't it? I'll let you judge for yourself.

Scrubs (ABC): TBA
All I can say is thank God for the writer's strike, eh? Anyone who saw Season 7's would-be finale was probably disappointed, as we all know Scrubs is all about closure. Because of this, we've been given a whole 'nother season! Woo! It's switching from NBC to ABC and because of the confusion that the writer's strike put everyone involved into, we can't really be sure when it'll air. I'm guessing it'll be in October-ish.

South Park (Comedy Central): TBA
ALL OF US can guess that if there's any year South Park is necessary for, it'll be this one. Wow, what will Matt & Trey have to say about the Olympics? The election? Do you think they'll finally make a happy ending for Chef after Isaac Hayes' death? God, I know I can't wait.

Get excited, kids! Gossip Girl kicks off the fun in two weeks!


Erika said...

Aw man, I'm never going to like Gossip Girl! I just won't. But True Blood sounds amazing! Like, for serious!

But really. I just won't like Gossip Girl. Have fun watching it though! :) And don't give V any ideas about tying me down and taping my eyes open to watch it, kay?!

Erika said...

Plus I used to love watching Saturday TV Funhouse on SNL! Ambiguously Gay Duo unite!

lolitahazed said...

Don't worry, I'm only kidding ;-) You're kinda lucky you don't like Gossip Girl. I've had a friend tell me I'm like "one of those girls" who watches it and comes to school the next day asking everyone if they've seen it so I can talk about. It's really, really nerdy. And of course, it's not perfect-- I LOVE it, but it doesn't have the resonance of more substantial shows I watch.

*Sigh*, True Blood is going to be really great and I'm glad someone else is looking forward to it! And it's good news because I've been looking to fill up the void in my TV-addict heart since Six Feet Under's 2006 end. I'm sure it won't fail to impress!

Ambiguously Gay Duo was really genius. It also made me feel really sorry for Robin most of the time. Holy awkward sexual tension, Batman!

Valentina said...

I'm sorry, you discussed shows other than Gossip Girl? I just made it through the trailer and than the excitement simply overtook me! Gah, Blair and Chuck apart. You know the writers are going to milk that for all it's worth. Sarah, since I'll never be able to convert E, you and I will just have to have extremely long GG related convo's after all the new episodes!

JK, by the way, I'm super excited for new seasons of Dexter and South Park. And I love me some Alan Ball, so I'm definitely stoked to see what True Blood is going to be like.

lolitahazed said...

Umm, can I get like hologrammed to LA so we can freak out about it as we're watching it? There would be lots of high-pitched screaming. God, why can't I be in two places at once??!
I'm really excited for all of these shows, it's going to be total freak-out season for me. So much suspense!! I'll be writing my thoughts throughout the broadcasts :-)

BTW I so need your guys' screennames so we can have disgustingly long chat room talks. That way, when you guys are in LA, you can tell me everything I'm missing within an instant and I can feel like I'm there.

Erika said...

Awww, sry Sarah. I don't have IM. Don't look at the computer screen like that! I just thought these things were like silly popular fads when I was in middle school and everyone was getting AIM. I know, I don't have AIM or Facebook, but maybe when V and I hang out, she can bring me into this century! I mean, gawd, I'm still using VHS!

lolitahazed said...

It's true... right now I look like the cutest little sad-eyed Precious Moments character...
Valentina, transport Sister Time into the 21st century. This is your mission now. I must know the big-city shenanigans.


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